Ten reasons why you should vote Labour tomorrow

vote labour

Tomorrow every citizen of the UK has a vote, to decide who will represent them.

Obviously am going to say that I think you should vote for your local Labour candidate. I am a Labour Party member, an activist, and I believe that Labour policy offers the best future for this country.

If you elect a Labour government tomorrow, Ed Miliband has already laid out the 10 bills which would feature in his first Queen’s speech. I detail them below, so that you can see what is really on offer here, and the better Britain which we are striving towards.

1. Strong economic foundation bill

  • To get the deficit and the debt down as soon as possible in the next parliament
  • To introduce a mansion tax and tobacco levy to fund the NHS.
  • To allow for the Office of Budget Responsibility to audio political parties’ manifestos.

2. Energy freeze bill

  • To freeze energy prices until 2017.
  • To give the regulator the power to cut energy prices, and introduce a duty to review them in time for winter.

3. Make work pay bill

  • To ban exploitative zero-hours contracts.
  • To ban the use of agency workers for the purposes of undercutting employee wages.
  • To raise the minimum wage to £8/hour by 2019.
  • To introduce a tax rebate for employers who sign up to the living wage.

4. Stronger families bill

  • To increase free childcare for working parents of three and four year olds to 25 hours per week.
  • To guarantee parents of primary school age children childcare from 8.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.

5. NHS time to care bill

  • To repeal the Health & Social Care Act.
  • To guarantee GP appointments within 48 hours.

6. Immigration and exploitation bill

  • To ban employers from undercutting wages by exploiting employees.
  • To ban recruitment agencies from hiring exclusively from overseas.
  • To require large firms hiring from outside the EU to offer apprenticeships within the UK.

7. Tuition fees reduction bill

  • To cut tuition fees to a maximum of £6,000.
  • To increase the student maintenance grant by £400.

8. 21st Century education bill

  • To provide compulsory work experience for teenagers.
  • To guarantee face-to-face careers advice for all young people.
  • To introduce a technical baccalaureate for 16 to 19 year olds and guarantee high quality apprenticeships.
  • To introduce technical degrees at university level.

9. Anti-tax avoidance bill

  • To abolish “non-dom” status.
  • To close loopholes used by hedge funds to dodge stamp duty.
  • To close loopholes used by large companies to move profits outside the UK and avoid corporation tax.
  • To scrap the “shares for rights” scheme.

10. More homes and fair rent bills

  • To give councils “use it or lose it” powers to stop developers from landbanking.
  • To create local development corporations to build homes where the private sector has failed.
  • To allow the creation of more than half a million new homes through development of garden cities and suburbs.
  • To ban extortionate letting fees, and make caps on three year tenancies at inflation rate the norm.

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