Why you should vote for Julian Ware-Lane in Southend West

vote ware-lane small
Julian Ware-Lane was not the first person I met from Southend Labour (A somewhat dubious honour belonging to Rob Brown -Ed), but he was one of the earliest activists I met, at the Labour Party conference in 2012. By that point he had just become Labour’s first councillor in Milton ward.

Now he is standing for election to parliament, in the constituency of Southend West.

Julian is a good friend of mine, as well as being the councillor for the ward I live in. For the past six months I have had the pleasure of campaigning alongside him, and in my not un-biased opinion the people of Southend West could do no better for their next MP.

Bringing his activist campaigning style which has served Milton ward so well, I doubt that any of the other candidates have had quite so many conversations on the doorstep with voters as he has. His socialist principles of equality and fairness underpin everything he does.

I do not have a vote in Southend West tomorrow, but if you do, then I strongly suggest you vote for Julian. You could not ask for a more principled, dedicated and hardworking MP to fight your corner in the House of Commons.

One comment

  1. Politics is a strange thing. Not living in Southend West the issue of who to vote for doesn’t arise. But since I’m at the other end of town and not a particular fan of the sitting MP, I would seriously consider voting for Julian if he were standing here, for many of the reasons you stated and despite disagreeing on many issues!


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