Day: 01/06/2015

Back in Blenheim (Park)

back to blenheim

We only ever see any of you at election time.

That was, if not the most common response on the doorstep, common enough to ring in my ears even once the votes are counted.

We are now just over three weeks since results were announced, and for the mad few of us who do this because we actually enjoy it, the itch to get back out pounding pavements and knocking on doors has set in. I wouldn’t so much call this the start of the Blenheim Park 2016 campaign, so much as continuing the job.

Following the lead of Julian Ware-Lane, I asked a number of those I spoke to why they thought Labour had lost the election. The SNP came up more than a few times. As did Ed Miliband. A good number said that they would be open to voting Labour if we had the right leader, the right policies. Differing ideas of who that leader was were presented.

It felt good to get back out talking to people. Too many think of politics as only happening once a year, or once every five years. But people’s lives go on all year round, and if politics is — as I believe it is — the engine for improving lives, then it too has to be all year round, not just at election time.