Anne Chalk: rewriting Independent history in Shoeburyness

Anne chalk shoebury news june 2015 small

Rubbish. That’s what Independent Party Group leader Martin Terry branded my revelations of infighting amongst the Shoeburyness independents.

I trust he will be describing Anne Chalk’s latest leaflet doing the rounds in the same terms, given she roundly turns on her former colleagues now that she has been relieved of the burden of being on the council.

I am indebted to West Shoebury’s newest (Sort of… -Ed) Conservative councillor, Tony Cox, for sharing the leaflet. The leaflet itself is a thing of bitter, angry, toys-thrown-out-of-the-pram beauty.

Laying into Martin Terry for rejecting her petition to convert a taxi rank on Shoeburyness High Street into parking space is one thing, I suppose, though there is clearly no love lost between Anne and her former leader. That won’t be news to regular readers, but still.

What does rather grate, though, is Anne’s claims about why she lost the election. It wasn’t anything to do with her own failing, of course. Nor, apparently, was it anything to do with the general election. No, according to Anne:

Refusing to be part of what has become and Independent party has cost me my position as your local councillor.

It’s a nice theory. It doesn’t exactly hold water, mind, when one considers that Anne Chalk did indeed fight May’s election as an Independent Party Group councillor. Not only was she listed as such on the Council’s own website, but the Independent Party Group literature featured her alongside the rest of their candidates:

anne chalk was an indie small


Anne is not wrong that her former colleagues are a party in all but name, trying to have the best of both worlds — your classic anti-politics politicians. If Anne has left their number, if she has decided that it’s no longer for her, then I am pleased for her. I look forward to more such revelations to come.

But what I’m not prepared to do is let her rewrite her history to better suit her re-election campaign. She was, and always had been, a member of the Martin Terry “independent” brigade. It is dishonest and disingenuous for her to now claim otherwise.

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