Why I’m backing Stella Creasy for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party

stella creasy

Last week I blogged about the importance of being able to win elections, and win power, if you want to make a difference.

I am a campaigner. An activist. When it comes to politics, I am most comfortable on the doorstep (Or behind a keyboard -Ed). Interactions with people are where the difference is made, where the fight is won.

So naturally that is what informs my choice for the new Labour leader and deputy leader.

That is why I am backing Stella Creasy for deputy leader.

Stella was one of the new intake in 2010, when Labour were ejected from government after 13 years. In her time in the House of Commons, she has known only opposition, which as I’ve said before is a miserably powerless place to be.

Yet despite that, Stella has proved herself a rising star of today’s Labour Party. Despite not having access to the levers of power, she has managed to effect real change for he constituents and for the country.

Most people, I imagine, would know Stella through her campaigns against the unfairnesses and exploitations by Wonga and the rest of the payday loans industry, which has boomed since the recession, to make money out of the most vulnerable. Through her tenacity, her hard work, and her campaigning Stella has succeeded in not only bringing the issue to public awareness, but in pressuring the government — a Conservative government — into taking action to regulate such companies’ excesses.

It’s that tenacity and dedication which I believe makes her perfect for the deputy leadership role. Anyone who can get things done, who can make such achievements for the good of and protection of the most vulnerable, even in opposition, is someone who we need, now more than ever.

In her own words:

Too many voters think Labour is no longer a movement of people across the country committed to social justice, but a machine that only kicks into gear at election time. Difficult though it is to accept, for millions who share our values, Labour is no longer seen as their voice for change or the vehicle for delivering it. Since Keir Hardie’s time we have fought the poverty, inequality and injustices that hold back too many.

I believe that Stella Creasy is the campaigner that we need, to do our duty to the people who are relying on us. I believe that she can take the fight to the Conservatives, and make the Labour Party relevant to the lives of British people up and down the country.

I believe that Stella Creasy can help build the campaigning Labour Party we need to be to get back into power, where we can make a difference. And that is why she has my support, and my vote.

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