Day: 02/07/2015

04 “Dead Air” (Defiance season 3) [SPOILERS]


There’s nothing I appreciate more in a TV show than a capacity to take risks. I can think of few worse things for a series to do than cling to the safe, the comfortable, and the well-trodden path of the past.

So whether it succeeds or not, a TV series which is willing to take risks and push boundaries will always win respect from me.

And that is exactly what Defiance seems to be doing with its third season. In part, I suspect its creators are just staggered to have achieved a third season. But they aren’t wasting the opportunity. Only three episodes in, and it’s already shown a brutally dark and unforgiving attitude to its storytelling.

So if anyone is wondering why I seem to have a special place for┬áthis series, there’s your answer.

Read on…(and mind the spoilers!)