Day: 10/07/2015

05 “History Rhymes” (Defiance season 3) [SPOILERS]


One of the hardest things for a new show to do is to define itself within itself, rather than purely in reference to other properties. With Defiance, that tends to beFallout meets Farscape, when I’m explaining it to other people.

Which is a long way from a bad analogy, but we’ve reached the point where Defiance really needs to be coming into its own if it’s to get a few more seasons out of the concept.

I mean, I think that it certainly has the legs for it, but it needs to move beyond its initial hook. Given the brutal approach that the third season has taken, I wonder if that isn’t what the writers are doing, preparing for a new stage in the storytelling and the series itself.

Time will tell.

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Buying the election: the cost of votes in South East Essex


Some interesting numbers in yesterday’s Southend Echo, pertaining to the spending of each of the parliamentary candidates in the recent elections.

Given that all candidates have to file election expenses by law, it makes for quite an interesting look at how each campaign was financed. The accompanying article in the Echo highlighted concerns about the Conservatives buying the election, and having seen the eye-watering numbers they spent across the whole of south Essex, there’s some cause and justification I think.

So letting out my inner stats wonk, I decided to have a look at how each candidate’s expenditure stacked up compared to the votes they won, in the three south east Essex seats.

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