Day: 24/07/2015

Why should Liz Kendall give up?


An interesting thing seems to have cropped up of late; here and there, the suggestion that Liz Kendall should drop out of the Labour leadership race.

I say interesting, what I mean is utterly perplexing. So far as I can see, there is not much reason why should even consider it.

The theory seems to go that she should drop out of the race and endorse Yvette Cooper, in an effort to stop Jeremy Corbyn from winning the leadership and leading Labour to their biggest catastrophe since 1983. And whilst I do hope that Yvette wins and believe that Jeremy Corbyn would not be good for the Party, the idea that Liz’s presence or not on the ballot paper can have any influence on this is simply ignorant of the facts.

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Last night Southend councillors voted on their allowances

southend civic centre

Last night’s Full Council meeting was a long one, some five and a half hours long. Your blogger watched some of it, hindered a little by the inconsistent broadcast of the webcasting service the Council use (We are going to have to have words about that, sooner or later -Ed).

The reason for the long-running was that last night the Council was debating the setting of councillor allowances. Ever one to be topical, Southend Borough Council was following in Parliament’s footsteps.

An independent panel had made a number of recommendations to the Council, including a 5% increase in allowances for cabinet members, a cut for a couple of committee chair allowances, and the withdrawal of Council-funded printers, ink and paper for councillors.

Of those recommendations, only the cut to chair allowances went through.

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07 “The Beauty of Our Weapons” (Defiance season 3) [SPOILERS]


So I’m liking this season of Defiance.

It’s very different in tone to the previous offerings, lacking the impenetrable mystery of the whole Irzu saga, but having a very clear trajectory. It’s a refreshing change, showing a capacity for risk, and a bit more faith in the basic premise of its storyline, now established after two seasons.

As ever, it’s not perfect, but it’s making a real effort to plough more than just the “same old” storyline. It’s also showing a confidence in its cast and the characters they have developed which goes beyond most examples with its still inexplicably understated profile can pull off.

It is on a knife-edge, though. Brave is good, but brave can also go wrong. And we still have half a season for it to all go tits up.

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