11 “Of a Demon in My View” (Defiance season 3) [SPOILERS]


My little blogging hiatus of the last few weeks has seen me fall rather behind on my watching and reviewing of Defiance. Given that we’re in the home straight, then, time for a sprint through the two episodes I’ve missed.

After Nolan’s assassination of the Votanis Collective’s vice-chancellor, he is kidnapped from the convoy taking him to Brazil by a vengeful Kindzi, who wants to visit a plague of Omec upon Defiance and Earth. Meanwhile Yewll is gathering a menagerie of humans and Votans at Kindzi’s behest, a trap into which Datak falls.

We’re not going to Brazil, which can’t be much of a surprise to anybody. The plotline of Nolan into the snakepit of Votan politics would need more than just a few episodes at the end of the season, and presumably not an Omec invasion storyline hanging over the whole thing like an extinction-level asteroid. So unsurprisingly, we’re going for the second.

Berlin is back (Berlin is back, everybody! …everybody? -Ed), coming back to Defiance’s aid in the wake of Nolan gunning down the VC’s big cheese. Except she comes across the carnage of the VC convoy, with Irisa trapped in an overturned van. After being freed, Irisa tells Berlin that the convoy was attacked and Nolan taken. It doesn’t take long to match up the wounds on the corpses to those of the “wild animals” a few episodes back which mysteriously stopped when T’evgin intervened.

Yep, Nolan has been abducted by Kindzi, who has hobbled her father by continually draining his blood, and who is set on seducing Nolan as her new toy. He doesn’t exactly fall for her “we orchestrated the attack on the convoy to break you out” story, so she chains him up. And, actually, Berlin and Irisa don’t buy her story either.

Nolan ends up breaking himself free, and rescuing T’evgin, before the showdown between purple father and daughter heats up. Nolan and Irisa manage to beat a retreat just before Kindzi overwhlems and kills T’evgin in his blood-drained, weakened state. Which is a bit of surprise, really, though I suppose it had to happen. T’evgin has turned out surprisingly softened, and reasonable, considering he was supposed to be from a master race of scary killers.

That said, Kindzi’s unleashing the hordes at the end feels more on a par with what I would expect. And I’m presuming — given that this is Defiance — that the ritual where she cuts out T’evgin’s heart and eats it, in order to “gain his strength” is a literal thing.

Meanwhile, the Tarrs are getting antsy. T’evgin sent them back to their home to wait until it was safe. Only, of course, it’s not going to be safe. So in a stroke of brilliance he decides to head out to find Yewll, to find something to kill an Omec.

Now, not to poor water on the plan, but why would Datak think that Yewll would know this? Firstly, until she got control stamped, Yewll was doing a great trade in Omec-hating. Surely if she had something that could kill them, she would have done so by now? Secondly, why didn’t this idea occur when Rahm Tak told him and Stahma to kill T’evgin. And, you know, he was actually trying to.

The men that he leaves to protect Stahma seem a little flaky, so little Andina the servant girl volunteers to defend her mistress. Andina fancies Alak — you may have noticed — and she and Stahma hatch the beginnings of a plan for Andina to persuade Alak into forgiving Stahma, and for the servant girl to eventually marry him. Which seems…unlikely to actually happen.

Datak, meanwhile, finds Yewll, who tells him that there’s an outbreak of “Irath flu”, and he needs a vaccination. Which is a sedative. And he wakes up in a cage, surrounded by various other Defiance citizens Yewll has been kidnapping. Which, actually, is about the least surprising thing in this episode.

So there we go. With the Rahm Tak stuff sorted early this season, we’re up to the Omec as the big looming threat at the end. I don’t hate that as a thing, but I do think that this season has felt a little unbalanced. For the mid-part of the series they seemed to fade away into the background. Now they’re the principle adversary.

Though, really, Rahm Tak’s rag tag bunch never seemed to be seriously threatening Defiance. Whereas an army of Omec is an adversary on the scale of the Kaziri last season. The danger is that something will be set up that can’t be satisfactorily resolved, but that’s not an issue from which Defiance has routinely suffered thusfar.

Closing thoughts:

  • So the attack was set up to look like raiders attacked the convoy? Do raiders usually bite their victims? How was that meant to work?
  • That bionic arm of Datak’s is cool, yes, but it looks a little rough around the edges. You wouldn’t catch Nina Sharp with something that shabby.
  • What is Kindzi going to do with all of that T’evgin blood?
  • So, Alak doesn’t get any say in who he’s marrying next, eh?
  • Two episodes to go…

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