Day: 16/10/2015

Anne Jones for Westborough ward 2016

Anne Jones with Westborough Labour members blog
My first experience of doorstep campaigning having moved to Southend was on a rainy Saturday morning in Kursaal ward, alongside Anne Jones and Chas Willis.

Anne, most alert Southenders will know, is the indefatigable councillor for Kursaal and the portfolio holder for Children & Learning within the Joint Administration. Chas, of course, was elected last year as the most recent councillor for Westborough ward.

There is a certain symmetry, therefore, that Anne will be contesting Westborough ward herself next May.

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04 “Before the Flood” (Doctor Who series 9) [SPOILERS]

doctor who peter capaldi

This is a new sensation.

At this point in a series of Doctor Who, I’m usually feeling a little reticent, wavering on the hit-and-miss quality that it always seems to oscillate around. Not this time around though. Three episodes in, and all have struck the right notes for me.

I do wonder if what is essentially a family show is perhaps at risk of becoming too dark. Some of the worst episodes of new Who, in my opinion, have been those which go too absurd, too flat out silly. But given that that’s where the series has gone more often than it has gone the darker and more serious route. It feels like we’re onto new ground, and it’s rather an exciting move.

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Calm down, dear

southend civic centre
As a rule, meetings of the council’s scrutiny committees are duller than ditchwater. Pastimes for the topical subject enthusiasts and political obsessives (I.e. you -Ed).

But with all rules, there are exceptions. And the Monday night meeting of Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s Place Scrutiny Committee was just such an exception.

There was actually a bloke sat behind me in the unusually full public gallery, muttering to Cllr Aylen about how boring the meeting was. I’m not sure how he knew this, mind, since he seemed to talk all the way through it.

But I digress. It did start of rather boringly, but it didn’t stay that way. In fact, for an observer, it was unusually exciting and nearly ended up coming to blows.

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