Anne Jones for Westborough ward 2016

Anne Jones with Westborough Labour members blog
My first experience of doorstep campaigning having moved to Southend was on a rainy Saturday morning in Kursaal ward, alongside Anne Jones and Chas Willis.

Anne, most alert Southenders will know, is the indefatigable councillor for Kursaal and the portfolio holder for Children & Learning within the Joint Administration. Chas, of course, was elected last year as the most recent councillor for Westborough ward.

There is a certain symmetry, therefore, that Anne will be contesting Westborough ward herself next May.

I’ve already had comments from certain Conservative councillors on this move, though I would note that unlike in the case of Cllr David Garston’s relocation, nobody has been deselected by Southend Labour. Nor, really, can this be described as a “chicken run” (Copyright Martin Terry, patent pending -Ed), since after Cllr McMahon’s re-election this year with a 400+ majority, only a fool would have bet against Anne holding her seat.

No, this is down to a number of factors. Namely, that Labour members in Westborough — with whom Anne has a very good relationship, having been one of their number herself — wanted her to stand against Dr Vel; that the Labour Party is beginning its long-awaited expansion into Southend West (More on that to follow -Ed); and that Anne herself wanted to make the move.

Personally, I’m delighted. I’m always keen for a challenge, and Westborough has been saddled with the ineffective “conservative-minded Independent” Dr Vel, who freely tells the community association that he “delegates” all of his work to Labour’s Cllr Robinson. Anne is a heavyweight (Metaphorically -Ed) local politician, who will add yet more gravitas to the Westborough council delegation from next May.

And to be writing this on the day that news comes out that Southend GCSE results are soaring above the national average seems perfectly fitting. Cllr Jones has put a lot of time, energy, and passion into her role as portfolio holder for Children & Learning.

Yes, this election campaign will see me trailing around Westborough ward with Anne, and doing so with a smile on my face right up until she is declared its newest councillor.


  1. Or put another way, the poor residents of Kursaal Ward have the choice of Cllrs McMahon or the ever absence Davies to represent them whilst Anne abandons her current (and home i.e. where she lives) ward to campaign in Westborough.

    Poor show… we can all guess (hardly a guess mind you) at the real reason Anne is leaving. Still some of us can look past our differences and work together for the Greater Good of our residents.


  2. I rather like Judith and Lawrence (must sound boring Matt) – hope Anne’s relocation is for the right reasons – she is good for the Council though and no doubt will serve Westborough well if elected. Ahh Dr Vel – I like him too despite delegating to Kev (who I also like) ::-)


  3. John seems to like everyone (I wonder what he would think of me in the chamber haha?) I understand that Anne has been replaced by another strong local candidate. No chicken running going on here. Anne has been a resident in Westborough recently also, indeed was when I first met her.

    I have no idea what James is suggesting but suspect that Anne will be an effective councillor in a any ward. There seems to be a literal queue of people looking to oust Cllr Davies, no shortage of talent in Kursaal ward.


    1. Actually Rob, I was thinking of responding to Matt’s challenge that I join the Labour party but only under the condition he propose me and YOU second me – actually I agree with your comments re. Anne 🙂


      1. You might well be a useful counterbalance to some of the numskulls who have joined us recently. I don’t think you need a proposer and seconder to join the party at all.


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