Day: 22/10/2015

Luddite Southend Councillors want to waste thousands on printing

southend civic centre

Back in the summer, Southend Borough Council took what I considered a long overdue step to bring itself into the 21st Century.

You see, as things stand, Councillors receive printed copies of all council reports, agendas and documentation ahead of meetings, couriered to them wherever they may be in the town. In the case of important, sensitive documents — such as the annual budget — this might make sense. But for every last document, this is wasteful and needless.

So the decision was taken to move into the digital age, and instead send such documents to councillors by email. As I said, this is long overdue. Of course, as with any change there are those who react against it, those who cling to the old ways even when they no longer make sense. And here is no exception

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