Donna Richardson for St Luke’s 2016

Donna Richardson St Lukes blog

Politics, particularly local politics, is built on passionate people. That is one of the reasons that I am so pleased that Donna Richardson is going to be the Labour candidate for St Luke’s ward. She is new to council politics, but has so much enthusiasm for making a difference to her community that you can’t help but get caught up in it yourself.

Regular readers will know that I haven’t exactly been enthused with the performance of the Independent Party Group trio presently representing St Luke’s. The newest addition, Caroline Endersby, I have heard very little of and even less from. Paul Van Looy’s biggest contributions have been some unflattering and poorly-punctuated comments about yours truly. And on Brian Ayling’s money grubbing ways, I have written aplenty.

So I do think that St Luke’s residents deserve a change, that they deserve better. I think that they would be excellently served by a councillor with Donna’s passion, enthusiasm and dedication, and I look forward to her election in May.

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