Day: 03/11/2015

Matt Softly for Rochford ward

rochford district council

I blogged not that long ago about the impending by-election in Rochford District, brought on by the sad death of Conservative councillor Gill Lucas-Gill. The date for that by-election has now been set for 26th November.

The Labour candidate at this by-election will be Matt Softly.

I’ve known Matt pretty much since I moved to Southend, where he was the secretary of the party’s Local Campaign Forum. He now lives in Rochford ward, where he serves on Rochford Parish Council, which in my view makes him the ideal candidate for this by-election. Having served in the dim and distant past as a parish councillor myself, I know how it connects you to the very heart of a community’s concerns.

There is a campaign to come, albeit a brief one, but I am confident in stating that Matt would be the best councillor that the people of Rochford could ask for.

Southend Tory activist thinks politicians shouldn’t be scrutinised

gavin chambers endorsement

If pressed to describe my political blogging, I would usually go for “robust”. Doubtless those who have found themselves criticised on this blog might describe it in different terms, but I am quite satisfied with my coverage of local politics in Southend.

So I am going to rebut quite emphatically the accusations of Tory activist Gavin Chambers, who this morning out of the blue tweeted me this:

gavin chambers tweet1Always nice to meet a fan (I think he means Blenheim Park, by the way -Ed).

Anyway, what followed was a slightly different morning experience.

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07 “The Zygon Invasion” (Doctor Who series 9)

doctor who peter capaldi

The Zygons again, then.

There are a number of classic Who villains of whom I have never seen what the fuss was about. The Cybermen are one. Given how clunky the buggers are, you’d think you could escape them by simply walking at a brisk pace. Or failing that, by sprinkling some water over them and waiting for them to rust.

The Zygons are in a similar camp for me. I get that shapeshifting aliens are scary, but it sort of spoils it when they have to keep the person alive in order to remain them. Or maybe I was spoiled by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Anyway, series nine has been on a bit of a roll so far, so let’s see if they can repeat it with the Zygons, shall we?

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