Day: 06/11/2015

Southend Tories face de-selection backlash in Southchurch ward

tory tree on fire

I blogged a little while back on the shenanigans going on down Southchurch way, and regular readers may recall that Rochford & Southend East Conservative Association deselected longstanding Southchurch ward councillor and former mayor David Garston.

Not that they’re admitting that’s what happened, mind.

Tony Cox (Con – West Shoebury) makes a valiant effort toeing the party line on his blog, saying:

On the contary to what has been published on the local blogssphere, David has moved to Leigh and decided to fight a seat in the West of the town.

I’m absolutely not suggesting that Tony is telling porkies; I am sure that David has moved to Leigh, and has decided to fight Prittlewell. But the fact remains that he has done so on account of his having been deselected in Southchurch.

And my little birds report that Southchurch residents are less than impressed.

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