Day: 09/12/2015

How I (accidentally) kept Cllr Terry in the Southend Council cabinet

martin terry

Regular readers may recall a few weeks back that I reported a tip from one of my little birds that Cllr Martin Terry (IND – Thorpe) had left his cabinet role as portfolio holder for Public Protection, Waste & Transport.

Attentive reasons may have noted that, in fact, Cllr Terry remains in his post. So what happened? Was my source wrong?

Well now I can tell you all the story…

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An evening at Southend Momentum


For the uninitiated, Momentum is what became of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign, after he won the leadership. Its purpose is, I have to say, somewhat unclear in that it seems to vary depending on who you ask.

The official line is that it is an entirely innocent campaign group aiming to build on the enthusiasm built up during the leadership campaign. The fear is that it’s a hard left pressure group to serve as enforcers to purge those who disagree with the dear leader from the Labour Party.

As with most things, I imagine the truth varies, somewhere between the two (But then you would say that, wouldn’t you, you wishy-washy moderate? -Ed).

So with the Southend branch of Momentum holding its inaugural meeting last week, as a Corbyn-sceptic but with a general fondness towards the Labour Party, I decided to go along and see what it was all about.

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