How I (accidentally) kept Cllr Terry in the Southend Council cabinet

martin terry

Regular readers may recall a few weeks back that I reported a tip from one of my little birds that Cllr Martin Terry (IND – Thorpe) had left his cabinet role as portfolio holder for Public Protection, Waste & Transport.

Attentive reasons may have noted that, in fact, Cllr Terry remains in his post. So what happened? Was my source wrong?

Well now I can tell you all the story…

So, my primary source was wrong about one key detail: the tense.

You see, when I posted my blog Cllr Terry had not actually left his post, but as subsequently became apparent from the flock of little birds who descended afterwards was that there was a definite intention for Council leader Ron Woodley (IND – Thorpe) to remove Cllr Terry. From what numerous sources of various different political persuasions have told me, Cllr Woodley had tired of Cllr Terry’s tendency to find holes in which to dig himself deeper (Such as, perhaps, nearly starting a fist fight at a scrutiny committee -Ed).

So the plan was for the Independent Party Group to put irresistible pressure on Cllr Terry to step down, under cover of his Police & Crime Commissioner bid, to be replaced by Cllr Mike Assenheim (IND – Shoeburyness).

Of course, with the Independent Party Group leaking like a sieve these days, and all leaks ultimately flowing to your blogger, it’s hardly surprising that it ended up here. Except it seems to have taken Cllr Woodley by surprise, and as a result the Night of the Long Butter Knives ended up shelved and strenuously denied.

So thanks to me, the portfolio holder for Public Protection, Waste & Transport lives to rant another day.

You’re welcome, Martin.



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