Threaten all he likes, Cllr Ayling is a sub-par councillor and he knows it

brian ayling council allowances

So last week I posted a copy of the latest St Luke’s Voice, going out in St Luke’s ward from our Labour candidate Donna Richardson. It contained, amongst other stuff, this passage:

Labour’s DONNA RICHARDSON says, ‘After speaking with some residents living in and around LONSDALE ROAD, I have discovered that there had been a vehicle collision due to badly faded road markings. The residents informed me that they had spoken to an Independent Councillor about this issue but had no further contact and the problem remained. To try and help I reported the safety issue to the council and I am extremely happy to say that not only these road markings, but others in the area, are now due to be re-painted.’

And it is precisely this bit with which Cllr Brian Ayling (IND – St Luke’s) has taken issue with, in his typical charmless fashion.

Cllr Ayling sent, in response to the leaflet, this email to Donna:

Dear Donna,

You mention in your recent leaflet that a resident had spoken to an Independent Councillor about the faded road markings. None of us have any recollection of such a conversation. Please provide the details of the resident concerned as the statement within your leaflet could be considered untrue and subject to legal procedures unless verified.



Holy overreaction, Batman!

You have to admire, in a way, the sheer gall of a man whose political priority in the last year has been making sure his absurdly over-inflated council allowances aren’t cut, whilst council services take a battering from government cuts.

It also says a lot, I think, about what the Southend Independent Party Group put in their leaflets that he thinks other parties would put untruths in their leaflets. Southend Labour, however, do not, and the story Donna relates is very definitely true. In light, though, of Cllr Ayling’s intimidatory and threatening attitude in his emails, I’m not sure I would want him contacting me, were I the person in question.

My own view is that Cllr Ayling is so desperate to conceal the reality of his tenure on the council as four years of mediocrity and self-service, that there is nothing he won’t stoop too — including spurious legal threats. Well go on, Brian. Threaten me all you like.

St Luke’s deserves better than Cllr Brian Ayling and the Independent Party Group.


  1. Is lying on literature illegal. I don’t think it is in and of itself? I am sure Donna wouldn’t lie of course but speaking generally if lying on literature was illegal Labour could have had the Kursaal Tories in the magistrates a few times.


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