Westborough Tory candidate’s disregard for data protection

dazzling daryl

Regular readers will know how much I enjoy the leaflets of Westborough Conservatives’ comedy candidate, Daryl Peagram. They have consistently provided the very best in paranoid ravings and Cold War-esque McCarthyist nonsense. So the news that he has embraced Twitter is music to my ears.

We’ve had a continuation of the same incoherent ramblings, including apparent Labour plans to build flats on all the green spaces in Westborough (If you asked “What green spaces?”, then you’ve got the gist -Ed) and threats to reveal a Lib Dem candidate’s family-unfriendly indiscretion.

But by far the most interesting thing is his new petition, where he calls on the council to scarp non-existent projects in order to compulsorily purchase private land in Westborough to make “micro-parks” and hire park rangers to keep an eye on them (Micro-parks being at great risk of micro-bears, of course -Ed). I’ve no problem with Daryl starting mad petitions (The internet being full of them anyhow -Ed), but I do have a slight issue with his blatant disregard of data protection in regard to the responses.

Posting scans of (Presumably the only -Ed) three completed responses, Daryl has utterly failed to obscure the details of the residents who have signed them.

peagram petition 1 obscured

Now, unlike Daryl, I have obscured the details of the residents in question.

peagram petition 2 obscured

This isn’t only bad practice, but is on iffy ground when it comes to data protection. There’s no visible notice regarding data protection and no statement of what the information will be used for. I’d be willing to bet that the people signing it didn’t think they were going to end up plastered over social media as Conservative supporters.

peagram petition 3 obscured

Is this the sort of person you would want as your councillor? Someone so obsessed with party political advantage that he’s happy to disregard the interests and privacy of residents?


    1. I’m not doubting you James, but where? I’ve been searching, and I can’t find them.

      Also, they clearly aren’t plastered all over social media as a party political campaigning stunt.

      Nice to know this is Southend Tory policy, though, I guess.


      1. Lol not sure it is Party policy – even if I could speak for the Party 🙂

        Well locally it’s in the book that is published (and left on table outside the public gallery/put online) – although usually only the first page of the petition.

        Parliamentary ones not sure – but a couple of years ago I definitely got the whole list of signatures up because I remember doing a ‘CTRL+F’ to see if a few people I thought may have signed had done so!


        1. I did discover that you can break down signatories of a petition by constituency, so that’s going to give me hours of stats geek fun. I suppose the names might be in the meta-data somewhere…


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