GUEST BLOG: A word from Chris Vince, Labour’s PCC candidate for Essex

chris vince

This is a guest post, written by Chris Vince, Labour’s candidate for Essex Police & Crime Commissioner in the May 2016 election. As such, the views and opinions expressed may differ radically from your blogger’s own. Some of them may even make sense…

I am honoured to have been selected as Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Essex.

As someone who has lived most of my life in the County I care a great deal about the safety of the people in it and if elected as PCC in May I will work tirelessly to ensure our communities are protected. Violent crime in Essex has risen by 14% in a year with increases in domestic violence being a key contributor to this.

However, due to government cuts the number of police officers has gone down by over 500 since 2010. We have also heard in recent weeks that a further 150 PCSOs are going to be axed.

We need to ensure that our force is as effective as possible and do what we can to protect front line policing. I believe that policing needs to be at the heart of communities. I want to help build stronger relationships with the public and gaining their trust. Another key area that I would want to focus on is crime prevention. As a teacher I know how important education is in this which is why working with local community groups needs to be such a key part of the polices role.

I look forward to working with as many local members and talking to as many local residents across Essex over the next few months as I can.

Chris Vince

Labour’s Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate for Essex.

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