Full list of Southend-on-Sea local election candidates 2016

southend civic centre

So the nominations have closed, and we have the full and final list of the candidates for the Southend-on-Sea local elections.

To my surprise, there are four full slates — from the Tories, Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens — and UKIP are only one seat short. There are also a few interesting Independent candidates scattered around, and an Indie-on-Indie battle in Shoeburyness, which changes the dynamic there.

As in previous years, Labour candidates are in bold, whilst defending incumbents are in italics.  There are five wards this year where the incumbent is not standing for re-election.


David Alston (LAB)
Steve Aylen (IND)
Nick Brown (GRN)
Alan Dear (CON)
Richard Herbert (LD)

Blenheim Park

Jill Allen-King (LD)
Helen Boyd (CON)
Matt Dent (LAB)
Julian Esposito (GRN)
Colin Ritchie (IND)
Roger Weaver (UKIP)


Taylor Barrall (LAB)
David Burzotta (CON)
Andy Crow (IND)
Colin Davis (LD)
Paul Lloyd (UKIP)
Mark Meatcher (GRN)

Eastwood Park

Paul Collins (LD)
Sean Jones (LAB)
Chris Walker (CON)
Fiddian Warman (GRN)
Verina Weaver (UKIP)


Gordon Bailey-Smith (UKIP)
Richard Collins (LD)
Simon Gittus (CON)
Helen McDonald (LAB)
Liz Swanson (GRN)


Jonathan Hodges (CON)
Jon Mullet (GRN)
Ted Preedy (UKIP)
Peter Wexham (LD)
Matt Zarb-Cousin (LAB)


Stephen Bartram (GRN)
Stephen Cummins (IND)
Jo Googe (UKIP)
Robert Howes (LD)
Daniel Nelson (CON)
Julian Ware-Lane (LAB)


Mary Betson (LD)
Mike Fieldhouse (LAB)
Bob Gauge (UKIP)
David Garston (CON)
Paul Ryder (IND)
Abbie-Jade Sutherland (GRN)


Sue Abrahams (CON)
Mike Assenheim (IND)
David Barrett (LD)
Anne Chalk (IND)
Maggie Kelly (LAB)
Edward McNally (UKIP)
Nigel Outten (GRN)


Alex Bright (CON)
Paul Hill (GRN)
Barrie Page (UKIP)
Ros Sanders (LAB)
Keith Sharman (IND)
Juliet Thompson (LD)

St Laurence

Reg Copley (LAB)
Mark Flewitt (CON)
Tanya Rayment (GRN)
Ashley Thompson (LD)
Viv White (UKIP)
Kat Woodley (IND)

St Luke’s

Brian Ayling (IND)
Tomasz Lachowichz (LD)
Jason Pilley (GRN)
Donna Richardson (LAB)
David Stansfield (UKIP)
Del Thomas (CON)


Jon Bacon (CON)
Jo Bates (GRN)
Rod Birks (LAB)
James Clinkscales (LD)
Clive Cowan (UKIP)
Mike Stafford (IND)


Peter Breur (UKIP)
Donna Collins (LD)
Dennis Garne (CON)
Ian Gilbert (LAB)
Ian Hurd (GRN)


Pam Austin (LD)
Alan Hart (IND)
Anne Jones (LAB)
Paul Mansfield (GRN)
Daryl Peagram (CON)
Frank Snell (UKIP)
Dr Vel (IND)

West Leigh

Chris Bailey (LD)
John Lamb (CON)
Lesley Martin (UKIP)
Ian Pope (LAB)
Gabriella Terry (IND)
Sarah Yapp (GRN)

West Shoebury

Derek Jarvis (CON)
Stephen Jordan (GRN)
Lenny Lierens (UKIP)
Peter Lovett (IND)
Carole Roast (LD)
Joseph Saunders (LAB)

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