Full list of Rochford District Council election candidates 2016

rochford district council

I don’t tend to pay as much attention to Rochford on this blog as perhaps I ought, given that it’s the neighbouring district to Southend and part of it is within the Rochford & Southend East ward.

But this year Rochford is electing all of its councillors at once, owing to the boundaries being redrawn. This happens periodically, to take account of changes in population distribution, and the prevailing trend currently is to move to all-up elections rather than electing in thirds (Not a trend which your blogger is enamoured of -Ed).

So that means that there are thirteen wards electing three councillors each, meaning a total of 39 seats up for grabs.

Downhall & Rawreth (3)

Chris Black (LD)

Shaun Cain (LAB)

John Chaffin (RDR)*

Tony Hollis (CON)

Deborah Mercer (CON)

Ron Oatham (LD)

Keith Podd (CON)

Chris Stanley (LD)

Foulness & The Wakerings (3)

Mark Arnold (LD)

Tracy Arnold (LD)

Simon Cross (GRN)

Daniel Efde (UKIP)

Trevor Goodwin (IND)

Ann Holland (CON)

Neil Hookway (UKIP)

Tina Hughes (UKIP)

David Lench (LAB)

Jack Newman (LAB)

Tony Porter (CON)

Paul White (LAB)

Barbara Wilkins (CON)

Hawkwell East (3)

Lesley Butcher (CON)

Gill Gibson (LAB)

Elliot Mason (RDR)

Jo McPherson (CON)

Mike Webb (CON)

Hawkwell West (3)

Robert Clemenson (LAB)

Julie Gooding (CON)

Alex Holland-Martin (CON)

Liz Marlow (CON)

Christine Mason (RDR)

John Mason (RDR)

Hockley (3)

Irena Cassar (RDR)

Adrian Eves (RDR)

Brian Hazelwood (CON)

Keith Hudson (CON)

Malcolm Maddocks (CON)

Ian Rooke (LAB)

Hockley & Ashingdon (3)

Mike Carter (CON)

Terry Cutmore (CON)

Carole Weston (CON)

Stephen Willis (LAB)

Hullbridge (3)

John Bull (UKIP)

David Flack (LAB)

Angela Hale (CON)

Mark Hale (CON)

Diane Hoy (GRN)

Michael Hoy (GRN)

Robin Hume (LAB)

Angelina Marriott (CON)

Roger Neville (LAB)

Stuart Wilson (GRN)

Lodge (3)

Bernadette Hannon (LAB)

Richard Lambourne (RDR)

Bob Milne (CON)

Simon Smith (CON)

Stephen Tellis (LD)

Carol Twydell (UKIP)

Ian Ward (CON)

Roche North & Rural (3)

Nicholas Cooper (UKIP)

Mark Daniels (LAB)

George Ioannou (CON)

Daniel Irlam (LD)

Kevin Salt (LAB)

Laureen Shaw (CON)

Philip Shaw (CON)

Myra Weir (LAB)

Roche South (3)

Simon Gosden (LAB)

John Jeffries (LAB)

Richard Loding (UKIP)

Michael Lucas-Gill (CON)

Marion Sawyer (UKIP)

Mike Steptoe (CON)

Arthur Williams (CON)

Victoria Williams (LAB)

Sweyne Park & Grange (3)

Craig Archer (LAB)

June Lumley (CON)

Toby Mountain (RDR)

James Newport (LD)

Carol Pavelin (CON)

Margaret Spencer (CON)

Trinity (3)

Stephen Cooper (LAB)

Keith Gibbs (UKIP)

John Hayter (UKIP)

David Merrick (CON)

Cheryl Roe (CON)

David Sperring (CON)

Wheatley (3)

Jamie Burton (IND)

Robin Dray (CON)

John Griffin (CON)

Michael Handford (LD)

Luke Houghton (LAB)

Jack Lawmon (CON)


*RDR = Rochford District Residents


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