Southend Tories’ deputy leader up for election…in Rochford

tory tree on fire

Well, this is a point of interest.

Whilst picking over the statement of nominated candidates for Rochford District, a familiar name jumped out at me. With the ward boundaries having been withdrawn, the district next door to Southend is electing all of its councillors at once.

And one of those on the ballot paper as a Conservative candidate is Ann Holland. And yes, that is the same Cllr Ann Holland who currently represents Southchurch on Southend Borough Council and is the deputy leader of the Conservative Group.


Now, I’ve mentioned Cllr Holland before, in the context of the Conservatives’ tendency to have ‘non-doms‘ amongst their councillors, who sit on the council and vote on measures such as the council tax, but live outside the borough so don’t have to pay the rates they set.

Being an elected representative in two different local authorities is quite another matter, though.

The first election that I fought was a by-election back in 2011, triggered by my own local councillor at that point winning election in the neighbouring borough and resigning. I’ve been looking over electoral law, and should Cllr Holland win in Foulness & the Wakerings, then she would be legally able to remain as a member of both councils, no matter how absurd it seems.

So what’s this all about? Is Cllr Holland building herself an empire? Is she looking at crossing over from Southend to Rochford, but with the safety net of Southchurch of Foulness & The Wakerings doesn’t go her way?

Who could say, but it looks very odd indeed.


  1. Is Anne Holland different to Cllr Ann Holland? What of Cllr Terry standing for PCC? Is he standing down? I’m sure given Cllr Holland’s impressive background she will be a credit to RDC as she is to SBC and has been for 20 years. What about the Joint District & County Council Cllrs? Surely its the same situation?


    1. Good catch on the typo. Yes, they are one and the same person.

      I would hope that Cllr Terry would stand down in the unlikely event he wins PCC, though he wouldn’t be obliged to. I’m not sure that he would have the time to do both jobs fully.

      I’m also not sure that Cllr Holland has been a credit to SBC. From what I have heard, she forgot to call in any items for discussion in the latest round of scrutiny meetings, and as a result there was very little, err, scrutiny.

      And no, it’s not really the same as sitting on a district and a county council, though I’m not sure of that either. In that situation, the two areas overlap, so when voting on council tax precepts at either level, it is something that affects the councillor. Here, Cllr Holland would be sitting on two neighbouring and non-overlapping authorities.


  2. I think you’ve shown yourself up there somewhat Matthew. Cllr Holland’s not been a credit to the council over the past 20 years due to Scrutiny items recently not being called in on a quiet month leading up to the elections?? Might be useful to educate yourself on the history of SBC and Cllr Holland’s political CV before making such unfounded comments. Good luck with the election.


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