Why is this Tory councillor standing in both Epping Forest and Wales?

gavin chambers endorsement

A while ago I had a brush with a local (Ish -Ed) Tory, whose Twitter activity displayed all the hallmarks of a troll. Attacks out of nowhere? Check. Aversion to facts? Check. Blocked me when I wouldn’t be intimidated? Check.

Despite deciding that poverty and homelessness (Made worse by the policies of the Conservative government -Ed) was spoiling his idyllic seaside holiday home and threatening to move to Leigh, Gavin Chambers had threatened to make a special effort to campaign against me in Blenheim Park. Like the rest of his party, I’ve seen barely anything of him, so it looks like it was an empty threat.

Except, a little bird brings me news that it could be that Mr Chambers is busy standing for election himself, in two different countries…

Now, I knew that Gavin was a councillor in Epping Forest. Actually, it was my pointing that out last year, when he appeared on a leaflet for Cllr Jonathan Garston (CON – Milton) as a local resident waxing lyrical about what a wonderful councillor he was, that first stoked Gavin’s dislike of me.

Entirely reasonably, Gaving is standing for re-election this year in his ward of Buckhurst Hill West. He’s on the ballot paper there, under an address in Loughton, Essex:

buckhurst hill west candidates

All fine so far. But one of my little birds has directed me to, of all things, the list of candidates on the South East Wales Regional List for the Welsh Assembly. And there, under the Welsh Conservatives, is a familiar name:

south wales regional list candidates

It could be another Gavin Chambers, but my sources are adamant it’s the same person, and it seems to fit as his Twitter bio until very recently identified him as a Welsh Assembly candidate..

So how do voters in South East Wales feel about the Tories shipping in candidates from Essex? And more to the point, how do voters in Buckhurst Hill West feel about their councillor spending so much of his time focused on an election in another country?


  1. Or here in Thurrok one of our Labour Council candidates actually lived in Norfolk. He wasn’t elected as residents saw through his hoodwinking con this time. Apparently he had already been a Labour Councillor for 7 years despite moving to Norfolk in 2009. Local Council candidates should live in the ward or even the Borough they want to represent but not in a neighbouring borough or county or country and they shouldn’t try and deceive by registering themselves on the electoral register trying to fool people they are local – they will be found out like you have unmasked this foolish tory.


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