Cross Simon for Green Party Leader!

green banner

I wouldn’t normally get involved in the internal business of other political parties, but after the kind assistance of so many members of the Green Party in the last Labour leadership election, it would feel rude for me to not offer an opinion.

Fortunately, someone has arisen whose bid I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly support. Someone who can take the Green Party in exactly the direction I want to see it go.

I am proud and delighted to endorse Cross Simon, for Green Party leader.

With thanks to one of my little birds for supplying this, since Mr Cross has sadly blocked me on social media, here is the announcement of his candidacy:

simon cross for green party leader

This is, in my opinion, what the Green Party needs. Who better to follow Natalie Bennett than Southend’s answer to BRIAN BLESSED? Who better to lead a party of “social and environmental justice” than the person who didn’t see the need for trade union membership? Who better to ensure that the Green Party is taken seriously than a man who’s approach to planning relations with residents is to brand them immoral?

Cross Simon is the candidate for those people who think that the only thing the Green Party needs to change is to BECOME 20 DECIBELS LOUDER!

Let’s make Britain Cross again!

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