Matt Dent – Standing up for Kursaal

I am extraordinarily proud and delighted to be able to announce that on 14 October 2017, Labour Party members in Kursaal ward voted to select me as their candidate for Kursaal ward, in the 2018 Southend-on-Sea local elections.

Kursaal was the first ward in Southend that I campaigned in, after I moved here four years ago, and it’s a part of Southend that I have not been a stranger to since. In many ways, it is the beating heart of this town. It boasts landmarks such as the Kursaal and the end third of the pier (Sorry, Milton ward councillors! -Ed), as well as one of the borough’s biggest social housing sites, in the form of the Woodgrange Estate.

I am looking forward to working alongside Cllr McDonald (LAB – Kursaal) and the other local Labour activists of the ward, and bringing this Kursaal seat back to Labour after four years of neglect by UKIP-then-Independent-Party Cllr Lawrence Davies (IND – Kursaal).

The reasons why I want to represent Kursaal, after fighting Blenheim Park ward in 2015 and 2016 are several, but chiefly it was out of a desire to help a community that little bit closer to my own. I live just outside of Kursaal ward, and with the fantastic Labour campaign in Rochford & Southend East at the general election, spearheaded by Ashley Dalton, the constituency is now opened up as a marginal. Given that it has never had a Labour MP before, I am very keen and excited to be part of the effort to finally turn it red.

Additionally, I am a very strong believer in grassroots local representation, and have frequently clashed with Cllr Davies in that I don’t think he’s doing a good job. Now that he’s up for re-election, I figured it was time to put my money where my mouth is, and demonstrate what a better job I could do for Kursaal residents. Similarly, Kursaal is an area that desperately needs the sort of policies that Southend Labour want to bring in for the whole borough, and as always I want to do my part to deliver them.

It’s a long road from here to 3rd May, and there are a lot of voters to speak to and to listen to on the way, but I am delighted to be beginning this new chapter. For the campaign, I will be using this blog to communicate as well as a new campaign Twitter account, and the new Kursaal Labour Facebook page. Please like, follow and keep an eye out!

The fight goes on!

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