Westborough voters are “scumbags”, says former Conservative candidate

For those who aren’t quite as avid followers of Southend local politics as your blogger, Daryl Peagram was the Conservatives’ candidate for the Southend West ward of Westborough in 2015 and 2016. On both occasions he was unsuccessful, losing to Labour both years and going from second to third between the two years.

His campaigns were most remarkable for his bizarre election literature, but nowadays he runs a niche and little-followed Facebook page where he approaches local politics with fury and factual accuracy of Fox News across the pond.

Today he’s helping out the Tories’ campaign in the ward for 2018 — by, err, describing residents as “scumbags”.

The Conservatives could be forgiven for wondering, with friends like these, who needs enemies? Daryl, styling himself as “BluePanther” says:

“Westborough in Southend has gone to hell in a handbasket since Labour got a stranglehold on it. The scumbags all vote Labour so the party won’t act against their core vote. Only Tories can bring its self respect back.”

I have to admit, insulting the people you’re trying to win over is a pretty novel approach. It gives residents a fairly eye-opening insight into how the Conservatives see them, one that I’m sure will see them piling up their votes in the blue column…

Vote Tory, you scumbags!

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