Full list of Southend-on-Sea local election candidates 2018

As has become something of a tradition, I share below the full list of nominated candidates for the local elections in Southend, on 3rd May 2018. Also as before, I have put sitting councillors in italics, and Labour candidates in bold. The wards and candidates are listed in alphabetical order. If you’re not sure which ward you’re in, the Council’s website has a handy tool which will tell you.

The polls will be open from 07.00 until 22.00 on Thursday 3rd May. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday 17th April, whilst the deadline for new postal vote applications is 17.00 on Wednesday 18th April and the deadline for applications to vote by proxy is 17.00 on Wednesday 25 April.

Total No of Cllrs Wards up for re-election No of Candidates
Conservative 28 7 17
Independent 12 6 12
Labour 9 3 17
Liberal Democrat 2 1 16
Green 0 0 8
UKIP 0 0 3
Psychedelic Future Party 0 0 1


Taylor Barrall (LAB)

Nick Brown (GRN)

Alan Dear (CON)

Stephen McKiernan (IND)

Sarah Risbin (LD)

Frank Snell (UKIP)

Blenheim Park

Laurie Burton (LAB)

Keith Evans (IND)

Michael Grimwade (LD)

Paul Lloyd (UKIP)

Floyd Waterworth (CON) [Elected as UKIP in 2014]


Jill Allen-King (LD)

Andy Crow (IND)

Nigel Folkard (CON)

Sean Jones (LAB)

Eastwood Park

Paul Collins (LD)

Andrew Moring (CON)

Ros Sanders (LAB)


Dave Clift (CON)

Matt Dent (LAB)

Howard Gibeon (LD)


Paul Gilson (CON)

Jon Mullett (GRN)

Carole Mulroney (LD)

Michelle Williams (LAB)


Stephen Cummins (IND)

Vida Guildford (GRN)

Bob Howes (LD)

Garry Lowen (CON)

Cheryl Nevin (LAB)


Jennifer Beck (LAB)

Kevin Buck (CON)

Tino Callaghan (IND) [Elected as UKIP in 2014]

Simon Cross (GRN)

Adam Hutchins (LD)


Val Jarvis (CON)

Gregory Keane (LAB)

Granville Stride (LD)

Nick Ward (IND)


John Batch (LD)

Martin Berry (LAB)

Julian Esposito (GRN)

Derek Kenyon (IND)

Daniel Nelson (CON)

St Laurence

David Allen (IND)

Kev Malone (LD)

David McGlone (CON) [Elected as UKIP in 2014]

Janet Phillips (LAB)

St Luke’s

Christopher Arnold (LD)

Trevor Harp (IND)

Harry Mason (CON)

Jason Pilley (PFP)*

Ian Pope (LAB)

James Vessey-Miller (GRN)

*PFP = Psychedelic Future Party


James Clinkscales (LD)

James Moyies (CON)

Jack Reason (LAB)

Martin Terry (IND)


Margaret Borton (LAB)

Clare Fletcher (GRN)

John Harland (CON)


Billy Boulton (LD)

Alan Hart (IND)

Paul Mansfield (GRN)

Kevin Robinson (LAB)

Jack Warren (CON)

West Leigh

Faye Evans (CON)

Lesley Martin (UKIP)

Hilary Scarnell (LAB)

Ashley Thompson (LD)

West Shoebury

David Barrett (LD)

Denis Garne (CON)

Peter Lovett (IND)

Tom Murray (LAB)

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