Full list of Rochford District local election candidates 2018

It’s a bit later, but here is the full list of nominated candidates for the local elections in Rochford District, on 3rd May 2018. Also as before, I have put sitting councillors in italics, and Labour candidates in bold. The wards and candidates are listed in alphabetical order. If you’re not sure which ward you’re in, the Council’s website has a handy tool which will tell you.

The polls will be open from 07.00 until 22.00 on Thursday 3rd May. The deadline to register to vote is Tuesday 17th April, whilst the deadline for new postal vote applications is 17.00 on Wednesday 18th April and the deadline for applications to vote by proxy is 17.00 on Wednesday 25 April.

No of Councillors No for re-election No of Candidates
Conservatives 21 8 14
Labour 0 0 13
Liberal Democrats 4 2 5
Greens 3 1 1
Friends of Rochford 4 2 2
Rochford District Residents 5 1 6
Independent 1 0 1


Downhall & Rawreth

Shaun Cain (LAB)

Keith Podd (CON)

Christopher Stanley (LD)

Foulness & The Wakerings

Joanne Ford (LAB)

Robert Green (IND)

Tina Hughes (FoR)

Jo McPherson (CON)

Hawkwell East

Steve Hind (RDR)

Ian Rooke (LAB)

Phil Shaw (CON)

Hawkwell West

Ian Challis (LAB)

Julie Gooding (CON)

Elliot Mason (RDR)

Hockley  (2)

Louise Best (LAB)

Toni Carter (RDR)

Brian Hazlewood (CON)

Keith Hudson (CON)

David Lench (LAB)

Nicola O’Riordan-Finley (LD)

Hockley & Ashingdon

Terry Cutmore (CON)

David Miles (RDR)

Stephen Willis (LAB)


Angelina Marriott (CON)

Victoria Williams (LAB)

Stuart Wilson (GRN)


Richard Lambourne (RDR)

Simon Smith (CON)

Rochford North & Rural

David Flack (LAB)

Laureen Shaw (CON)

Brendon Whitehead (FoR)

Roche South

Phil  Capon (RDR)

Mark Daniels (LAB)

Mike Steptoe (CON)

Sweyne Park & Grange

James Newport (LD)

Carol Pavelin (CON)

Samantha Reed (LAB)


David Merrick (CON)

Roger Neville (LAB)

Ian Oakley (LD)


Steve Cooper (LAB)

Robin Dray (CON)

Lisa Newport (LD)

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