Short fiction:

  • “Robert and Sarah, Across the Universe”, in Perihelion SF June Issue (Perihelion Science Fiction, 2o013) [FREE]

Across infinite different realities, Robert and Sarah are drawn to each other in an infinite number of different ways.

  • “The Interview”, in Aphelion Webzine, Issue 172 Vol 17 (April 2013) (Aphelion Webzine, 2013) [FREE]

Mark Slater really needed the job. So when the interviewer said that he only needed to pass one last test to clinch the position, he had to agree to it, no matter what it was…

  • “Whispers in the Skin Gardens”, in Abomination Magazine #1 (Abomination Magazine, 2012) £1.30 (Kindle)

Sinister secrets abound in the strange darkness of the night shift at an artificial skin farm.

A newly singled-mother deals with bereavement, as her daughter starts to exhibit strange behaviour.

  • “In King Midas’ Court”, in State of Imagination issue #1 (Jan ’11), edited by Shaylen Maxwell (State of Imagination, 2011)

A UN inspector arrives at a gold-producing facility in the Amazon, to investigate their apparently miraculous process, but finds himself ill-prepared for the sinister truth behind it.

  • “Good Eating”, in Cup of Joe – Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection, edited by Jessica A. Weiss (Wicked East Press, 2010) £11.99

Two Russian immigrants, having fled persecution in their own country, open a kebab shop in London, UK.

  • “Tears of a Clown”, in Bloody Carnival , edited by Jessie Marie Roberts (Pill Hill Press, 2010) £11.99

A man desperately searches for his fiancée’s lost daughter in an empty carnival, after dark, despite his fear of clowns.

  • “The Mystery of St. Mary’s Morgue”, in Silver Moon, Bloody Bullets: An Anthology of Werewolf Tails, edited by Jessica A. Weiss (Pill Hill Press, 2010)  £11.99 (pb)

An old man on his deathbed recounts the strange incident in his youth, which shaped the rest of his life.

A tale of the end of the world, in the wake of a (seeming) environmental disaster.

  • “The Rising Tide”, in Quest for Atlantis: Legends of a Lost Continent, edited by Jessie Marie Roberts and Alva J. Roberts (Pill Hill Press, 2010) £11.99 (pb)

A political tale, of the story of the fall of the ancient city of the Gods, in the wake of humanity’s rise.

A tale of obsessive love, that endures even beyond the grave…


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