Kipperwatch! Southend UKIP PPC expelled from UKIP council group

UKIP ides of march

You didn’t think the Southend UKIP civil war was over, did you?

Oh no.

Yesterday evening an email found its way into my inbox, containing the news that Floyd Waterworth, UKIP candidate for Rochford & Southend East and councillor for Blenheim Park ward, has been expelled from the UKIP group on Southend Borough Council.

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Kipperwatch! Taxi for UKIP!


I’ve said before that the Conservatives in Southend are in a position where their best talent is outside the chamber. And before their heads get to swollen with compliments, neither Nigel Holdcroft or Tony Cox were exactly blogging powerhouses through December.

Tony has yet to make his triumphant return to the blogging scene (though with the report on the seawall review I don’t anticipate having to wait much longer), but yesterday saw Nigel put finger to keyboard again, with some interesting results.

I disagree with Nigel, the once (and future? -Ed) leader of the Tories in Southend on a great, great many things, but I cannot deny that he is a cool performer, both in the chamber and when it comes to his tone online. Improved, no end, I would say by the adoption of my suggestion that he uses paragraph breaks.

The blog I want to talk about particularly centres around an interesting anecdote about one of the council’s new UKIP contingent…

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Kipperwatch! Where is the Commissar for West Shoebury?

kipperwatch local

In sixth form, as part of my History course, we studied Tsarist and Soviet Russia. My lecturer, a fantastic teacher by the name of Robin Milne, told a story about a visit he made to Moscow still under communism.

Looking round a museum, he spied a Russian Revolution era photo, with something missing. “Where is the Commissar for war?” he asked one of the tour guides, before watching the poor woman squirm.

The Commissar for War during the revolution was, of course, Leon Trotsky. This is the same Trotsky who was airbrushed out of Soviet history after he fell foul of Josef Stalin.

In other news, Southend & Rochford Branch UKIP have a new website.

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Neighbour problems? Don’t bother going to your UKIP councillor!

floyd waterworth shrug
Planning law is important. (Note: important, not necessarily exciting -Ed). It’s one of those areas that local government still retains the lion’s share of control over, and where residents can actually have a say over the development of their community.

I would suggest that even UKIP wouldn’t deny its importance. They have set themselves the task of defending the greenbelt from development, which as UKIP aims go is fairly reasonable. Presumably the way they mean to do this is via planning law.

But to listen to UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Rochford & Southend East, and councillor for Blenheim Park ward, Floyd Waterworth you would think that UKIP were opposed to the enforcement of planning law altogether. Not to mention, he’s incredibly rude about the very voters whose favour his position is dependent on.

I wonder what voters would make of that…

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Kipperwatch! South Essex UKIP in bid to redefine “omnishambles”


Talk about piss ups and breweries…

When, in October, I suggested that Kerry Smith may have been sacked as UKIP candidate for South Basildon & East Thurrock to make way for Neil Hamilton, I was bloody joking.

But apparently UKIP are so much of a joke that they took it seriously, and came perilously close to selecting the disgraced former Tory MP for Tatton. In the end though, they seem to have gone for some bloke by the name of Kerry Smith.

Yep. The self-same candidate they deselected not two months ago.

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Kipperwatch! Moyies is back! Is the Southend UKIP civil war over?

UKIP ides of march

An interesting story in this morning’s Southend Echo caught my eye. Apparently James Moyies, councillor for West Shoebury ward and leader of the Kippers on Southend Borough Council, is a UKIP member again.

Followers of the seemingly endless train of odd stories coming out of Southend UKIP will recall that his party membership was suspended for six months due to his statement that he wouldn’t vote for fellow Cllr Floyd Waterworth, who beat him to the parliamentary selection for Rochford & Southend East, at next year’s general election.

So is the civil war over? Well, perhaps not…

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Kipperwatch! Former Tory mayor of Southend goes Kipper


Last night on Twitter, journalists at the Southend Echo were promising the scoop of a former Tory councillor defecting to UKIP. And this morning, they have delivered: Roger Weaver, former mayor, one time councillor for Eastwood Park, and 2011 Tory candidate for Westborough, has joined the Kippers and will stand next May for them in St Luke’s ward.

Now, defectors are good, headline-grabbing news for UKIP (Doubly so if it distracts from the local chaos of the Southend UKIP civil war -Ed). But to draw parallels with the defectors on the national political scene, there are the defectors UKIP bigwigs might have chosen for their party (Carswell), and the defectors that they might well not have (Reckless).

Roger, I would humbly suggest, falls into the latter camp.

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Southend UKIP Civil War: First blood to Waterworth; Moyies is suspended

southend ukip civil war

When in a hole, the proverb goes, stop digging.

Clearly not a proverb known to Southend UKIP, as the civil war which has broken out between their parliamentary candidate Floyd Waterworth and leader of their council group James Moyies, continues to rage on. In the first battle between, the victory seems to have gone to Waterworth’s Roundheads*.

James Moyies, yesterday’s Echo told us, has been suspended by UKIP for six months.

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Kipperwatch! Mark Reckless and UKIP: more extreme than the BNP

reckless farage and carswell

Tomorrow, on Thursday 20th November, the people of Rochester & Strood will be voting in a by-election caused by the defection from the Conservatives to UKIP, and subsequent resignation.

Asked yesterday at a hustings about what would happen to the exemplar Polish plumber who had lived and worked in the UK for years, this was Mark Reckless’ response:

I think in the near term we’d have to have a transitional period, and I think we should probably allow people who are currently here to have a work permit at least for a fixed period.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a repatriation policy. Immigrants who have made their home in the UK, who work and who contribute to the tax take (and, statistically, immigrants claim less in benefits than do UK citizens) and who have been here for years, would be allowed to stay temporarily, before being forced to move on. Presumably herded onto planes and sent back to Poland, in the mind of Reckless and his leader Farage.

If that sounds familiar and far-right, then that’s because it is. The BNP have long had a similar policy of repatriation, though actually the one voiced by Reckless is more extreme. The BNP at least claimed that theirs would be voluntary:

The BNP will introduce a system of voluntary resettlement whereby immigrants and their descendants are afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin, assisted by generous financial incentives both for individuals and for the countries in question.

So there you go. UKIP are borrowing BNP policies and churning them out more extreme, more right-wing, and even nastier. Next time a Kipper gets all upset at being associated with fascists, remind them of this.