Elysium – A Review


I somehow missed Elysium during its run at the cinema, and as DVD viewing it has languished a while in the wake of a generally negative response from…well, most people.

But I’ve finally gotten around to watching Neil Blomkamp’s follow up — but not sequel — to District 9. Now, I loved District 9. It opened in the cinemas opposite James Cameron’s CGI-heavy borefest Avatar, and generally got pretty short shrift at the time. And yet whereas Avatar was one of the most patronising films I’ve ever seen, District 9 was powerful, moving and deeply, deeply relevant. It was essentially a demonstration what science-fiction should be doing on film.

It was a tough act to follow, even more for a breakout director like Blomkamp, which might go some way towards explaining the disappointment Elysium was met with.

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