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Jurassic World – A Review

jurassic world

I’m of about the age that means the original Jurassic Park film was formative of my affection for films and dinosaurs. It is a pretty key piece of my cinematic education and psyche.

I’m also a bit odd, in that I don’t regard the sequel, The Lost Word as a complete catastrophe as everyone else thinks it was. Yes, it could definitely have done without the gymnastics, and it was weird that the back end of a Godzilla film got caught up at the end. But there was still a good film in there somewhere.

Jurassic Park III, mind, was an unadulterated disaster, start to finish.

So that’s the pantheon of Jurassic Park films. That is the scale on which Jurassic World be judged, but this blogger at least.

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Guardians of the Galaxy – A Review

guardians of the galaxy

A lot has already been said about Guardians of the Galaxy, and I myself have already declared it as Marvel’s lifting-the-trophy-aloft, we-can-do-whatever-we-want-now moment.

That was intended as a look at the near-unassailable position Marvel has achieved to be able to make a financial success of such an obscure property as Guardians of the Galaxy, but I think my opinion of the film snuck through nonetheless. Yep, I enjoyed this film. Actually, I loved it. It was, from start to finish, a fun, funny romp.

So rather than this being is the film good, it’s going to be why the film is good.

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The Lego Movie – A Review

the lego movie

Lego, as a toy, is possibly the most genius idea of the last half-century. A bold claim, perhaps, but hands up who played with coloured blocks and yellow-faced men as a kid?

Thought so.

My own childhood is a patchwork of bizarre constructions. I recall saving my pocket money, as young as six, to go down to the toy shop of a Saturday and purchase another small addition to my pool of materials. A bucket of bricks could amuse me for hours.

But as a film? I don’t know… I’m sketchy of the rules surrounding films based on toys — they certainly aren’t as inescapable as the rule that dooms all video-game-to-film ventures — but Michael Bay’s Transformers films can hardly be seen as a good omen.

(Though, actually, that’s no different to every other Michael Bay film, so perhaps it is unfair to heap the blame at Transformers’ door.)

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