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Kipperwatch! Moyies is back! Is the Southend UKIP civil war over?

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An interesting story in this morning’s Southend Echo caught my eye. Apparently James Moyies, councillor for West Shoebury ward and leader of the Kippers on Southend Borough Council, is a UKIP member again.

Followers of the seemingly endless train of odd stories coming out of Southend UKIP will recall that his party membership was suspended for six months due to his statement that he wouldn’t vote for fellow Cllr Floyd Waterworth, who beat him to the parliamentary selection for Rochford & Southend East, at next year’s general election.

So is the civil war over? Well, perhaps not…

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Southend UKIP Civil War: First blood to Waterworth; Moyies is suspended

southend ukip civil war

When in a hole, the proverb goes, stop digging.

Clearly not a proverb known to Southend UKIP, as the civil war which has broken out between their parliamentary candidate Floyd Waterworth and leader of their council group James Moyies, continues to rage on. In the first battle between, the victory seems to have gone to Waterworth’s Roundheads*.

James Moyies, yesterday’s Echo told us, has been suspended by UKIP for six months.

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