Climate Change

Southend Energy Company: a Labour Southend is a greener Southend

fuel poverty

One of the things which makes all the hard work in local politics worthwhile, which justifies all the bargaining, all the trivial arguments, is when you can actually achieve something for the people you’re fighting for. And Southend Energy Company is one of those times.

The energy company launched yesterday, offering low-end of market rates to Southend residents. Not only that, but the tariffs are 33% green energy as standard, with a 100% green energy tariff available. Have a look and see if it could cut your energy costs.

With climate change an ever-present threat to our future, measures like this are becoming more and more essential. And with the sharp end of fuel poverty particularly potent in Southend, this will make a real difference in people’s lives.

This is a measure from the joint administration, which would not have happened without Labour pushing for it. This is the difference Labour is making, and will continue to make, for the people of Southend.

A Labour Southend is a greener Southend. A Labour Southend is a better Southend.

The Four Horsemen: An Anthology of Conquest, War, Famine and Death

The above named anthology is now on sale in both hardback and paperback from (and also on, for any US readers interested)!

The anthology is published by Pill Hill Press, and contains my short story “Scorched Earth”. The anthology is partitioned into four sections (unsurprisingly entitled Conquest, War, Famine and Death), and mine is in the first of them.

It’s a near-future science-fiction story, about a world gripped by strange and sudden effects of global climate change, which may be more than they appear to be. It’s also the first acceptance I ever received (though paradoxically, the third to appear in print), so has a special significance to me as my first step into the world of professional fiction writing.