The five best moments from American Horror Story: Coven [SPOILERS]


So it’s done. The thirteen episodes of American Horror Story‘s third season have all aired, and we’re left to pick through the wreckage left behind by wild plot-twists and insane characters.

I reviewed each episode as it happened, and throughout I’ve been very impressed overall with just how much fun this series has been. It was the first that I’ve watched by broadcast, rather than binging on whole series at a time, and it is a very different way of consuming TV.

One of the best things about this show is its bravery. It goes to places that other shows just wouldn’t dare. Even Game of Thrones, with its infamous disregard for the wellbeing of its characters, hasn’t had half of the off the wall moments that American Horror Story has over the same number of seasons.

This was not an easy task, but I’ve boiled down the third series to my five favourite moments. There are countless others I could have included, and viewing American Horror Story: Coven from start to finish is highly recommended. It isn’t perfect, but it gets a lot closer than most modern TV series manage. AHS, as always, goes where others fear to tread.

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13 “Seven Wonders” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


Well, somehow a period of time has passed, and we’re stood at the end of another series of American Horror Story.

There is a reason that this show is one of my favourite active programmes, and that’s largely based around its fresh originality. Which has been something that Coven has revelled in it. More than its two predecessors, it has spent most of its thirteen episodes grabbing the initiative with bizarre plot twists and shocking set pieces.

This post will focus on the finale itself, the long-awaited “Seven Wonders”.

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12 “Go to Hell” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


Two to go.

American Horror Story is always an exponentially increasing whirlwind of crazy. Given that it started out pretty damn out there, by this point it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it’s like a mental patient screaming in your face. No, wait, that was Asylum

So whilst you wipe the spittle from your face, it’s worth remembering that despite mid-season stumbles, this has still been the best series so far. The plot twists have been over-the-top, the characters madder than a box of frogs, and the lines of taboo pretty much nonexistent.

And yet, the last episode bathed the camera in blood. What can top that?

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11 “Protect the Coven” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]

What has been a fantastic series, all in all, is slowly coming to a close.

No, actually, forget that. There’s been nothing slow about the last few episodes. For a show which prides itself on fast-paced insanity, it has been building to a borderline-psychotic conclusion. Quite simply, it’s been impossible to predict what is going to happen next.

And. It’s. Genius!

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10 “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


Christmas is over, New Years has come and gone, and in their wake we’re all in a bit of a January rut. It’s clear what we need to lift us out; and here is American Horror Story back from its holiday, to supply just such a burst of manic and creative insanity.

The last episode, “Head”, was the best episode of the series so far, I thought. And given that this has been the best series of the show so far, that’s no small praise. But we’ve been here before. Coven started off incredibly strong, but drifted a little around the mid-point.

The question, then, is whether “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” can continue the pace which “Head” laid out.

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09 “Head” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


After the slight trough in episode quality around the Halloween point, the past few episodes of American Horror Story: Coven have managed to convince me afresh that it is back on track to being one of the finest TV shows that I’ve seen.

That, of course, hangs by a tenuous thread, never more than another dull or duff installment away from failure.

We’ve now reached a vital point in the story of Coven. Past the midway point, barrelling steadily towards a doubtless blood soaked climax. Secrets are slowly being revealed, and answers eked out to questions asked since the beginning.

There have still been elements that I’m less than convinced on, but on the whole I’m happy. So how did episode nine fit into all of this?

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08 “The Sacred Taking” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


We need to have words, America.

This “Thanksgiving” thing you lot get so into. I’m not so keen. I’ve been jonesing for an American Horror Story fix for two weeks now. You need to sort it out.

But thankfully this week we are back, all thanked-out I guess. So let’s dive back into the witchy politics.

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07 “The Dead” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


Apparently, the up-and-down rollercoaster of American Horror Story‘s abusive relationship with its fans is nothing new. From what I gather that was the view of people watching week by week with Murder House and Asylum too.

Given that I watched both series after the fact, if not in one sitting then in substantial chunks, I didn’t get that experience. I saw the stories as a whole, and even with all of their flaws there was never the lingering sense of “Huh…” after the credits rolled because I would just roll straight onto the next one.

Box-set style viewing. It’s the future, apparently.

Which is my long-winded way of saying that this Russian roulette thing where you never know if you’re getting a brilliant or mediocre episode is a bit of a bitch, isn’t it?

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06 “The Axeman Cometh” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


I make no secret that I was a little disappointed with the last couple of Coven episodes.

The series had such a strong start that I was raving about the show, excited for what looked set to be the best AHS yet. Sadly, the frenetic pace ebbed a little, and it seemed to lose that shine. “Burn, Witch. Burn” in particular felt like a hollow, half-episode which didn’t really contribute anything to the story.

And for an episode with that title, that should have been unforgivable.

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05 “Burn, Witch. Burn!” (American Horror Story: Coven) [SPOILERS]


We’re drawing near to the halfway point in the season now, and so far I’ve loved the latest round of American Horror Story. Its usual simmer and sparkle has been only enhanced by the New Orleans vibe which it has wrapped around itself like a mantle.

The last episode, though, I wasn’t as thrilled by. As I said at the time, it felt like half an episode, going through the motions and incorporating shades of seasons gone by too readily and too completely in place of innovation. Put simply it wasn’t as delightfully baffling as I’ve come to appreciate.

So it falls to episode 5 to bring back the sparkle.

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