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Cinemas in Southend

southend odeon

My apologies to anyone who, flicking through the Southend Echo this morning, and came across the “Big Coversation” section. Yep, my ugly mug front and centre.

The issue was cinemas, and whether there is demand and room for a second cinema in Southend (I was also asked about Basildon, but not really knowing the town or using its cinema I declined to comment). What I did say, for those not blessed (Cursed -Ed) with my smiling face in their morning paper, is as follows:

My fiancee and I go to the cinema a lot. I think a second cinema in Southend is a great idea because it would be competition for the Odeon.

I have had issues with it not showing films I want to see, for example The Dallas Buyers Club. That was an Oscar-nominated film but wasn’t showing in Southend. I certainly think there’s room for competition.

I’m slightly concerned for the location, as it’s a built up area and I’m not sure there is room for a sizable cinema. Somewhere out of town would be better placed for it with a bigger cinema and less chance of it putting the Odeon out of business.

I haven’t been misquoted, but I do want to make a couple of clarifying points.

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Dallas Buyers Club – A Review

dallas buyers club

So when did Matthew McConaughey become an actor?

I don’t mean that in a rude way — well, not in that rude of a way — but I can recall a time when he was the rom-com man. I watched many a trailer for many a cookie-cutter feel-good flick staring him, back in the day.

And yet now he’s thumping his chest in The Wolf of Wall Street (incidentally, if you have some time to kill then there are few weirder ways to do it than by watching this hypnotically odd loop of video) and staring in biopics around the eighties AIDS crisis.

Who knew?

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An(other) Open Letter to Southend Odeon

ron woodroof

Dear Southend Odeon,

I’d like to open by saying that I am a fan. I love film, and I love cinema as a medium for experiencing it. Most often I pass through your doors at least once a week. But sadly, I don’t expect to be gracing your establishment this week.

Why? Three words:

Dallas Buyers Club.

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