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How to lose friends & alienate people – Southend Tory edition

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Having blogged only yesterday about the volatile relationships between members of Southend Borough Council’s Independent Party Group, it seems that they aren’t the only ones with a talent for losing friends and alienating people.

You wouldn’t believe the things which find their way to my inbox. A lot of spam and Nigerian princes with millions of dollars, mostly, but occasionally something interesting appears. Today, for instance, it seems that a member of the Conservative group has seriously annoyed a Liberal Democrat councillor.

Nothing especially surprising there, but causing enough offence to prompt a particularly aggrieved complaint to John Lamb, local Conservative leader, is something of a slightly different order.

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Predictable election ends predictably

southend civic centre

On Thursday, the voters of a safe Conservative ward in Southend-on-Sea went to the polls in a by-election. When the ballots were counted, the Conservative candidate was returned as the new councillor representing the ward.

By the numbers, you might say.

Except, that bare bones overview doesn’t quite show the full picture of what happened in West Leigh ward this week.

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