03 “Mommy” (American Horror Story: Hotel) [SPOILERS]

american horror story hotel

If the first episode of American Horror Story Hotel felt flat, which it did, then the second at least felt a bit more like the series we know and love.

There were always going to be a few teething pains this time around, really. Though the anthology nature of the show allows a world of inter-season flexibility, Jessica Lange had established herself as the mainstay from the very first outing. Finding a rhythm that works without her was always going to be a tough challenge.

Thusfar I don’t see Lady Gaga as her replacement. That’s not to say that she’s doing a bad job, far from it, but she doesn’t yet have the confidence to carry the series on her own. In that respect we’re going to need a greater sharing of the weight amongst the stellar and experienced cast.

Which isn’t a problem, it’s just that the writers need to start giving them the chance to do so.

Read on…(and mind the spoilers!)