Heresy of the Week – Star Trek: Nemesis isn’t as bad as you think

nemesis picard and shinzon

Heresy of the Week is a (mostly) weekly spot in which I entertain some of the unthinkable notions of geek-culture. The arguments I put forward are not always things I personally agree with, but often rhetorical devices designed to force myself (and maybe readers) out of the boxes which fan discussions can get caught in. But that aside, feel free to get yourselves worked up and your knickers in a twist if you really want to.

This week’s heresy:

Star Trek: Nemesis, when it was released, received an unfairly harsh press. It has an undeserved reputation for having killed the franchise, but as a bookend to the story of the Next Generation crew, it is a lot better a film than it gets credit for.

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Star Trek films, from worst to best

star trek first contact

Yes, it’s another Star Trek blog! And another list blog! And just in time for Christmas; aren’t you a lucky bunch?

I know that I’ve done something quite similar before, but I’ve never actually set down my overall preferences of the films directly. So I’ve decided to. With some thought I’ve ranked all twelve films, and given a bit of explanation as to why and what I think of them.

Enjoy. And feel free to call me sad.

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