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A Mad Man With a Blog: 2014 in numbers

2014 wordpress summary

Another year down, and it’s been another year full of blogging. So how did I do in 2014? Let’s have a peak behind the scenes…


Well, Cllr Floyd Waterworth may not be a fan, but clearly some people are. 2014 saw over 43,000 views on the various posts and pages of this blog, an increase of 138% on last year, and by some margin the best year since I started this blog.

Visitor-wise, the WordPress elves tell me that some 23,400 people visited this blog in 2014, which equates to an average 1.8 posts/pages viewed per person. I’m not sure how accurate it is discerning individual visitors, but by the individual metric it has nearly doubled on 2013.


This year I published 333 posts (334 including this one). Which is nice, I think.

The top five most viewed posts from this year (excluding the home page, the about page, and the peri-peri veggie burger recipe from nearly two years ago that everyone apparently still loves) were as follows:

  1. Full list of Southend Local Election Candidates 2014 (April)
  2. 02 “The Lion and the Rose” (Game of Thrones season 4) [SPOILERS] (April)
  3. The Southend Tory MP, the expenses claims, and £11k of taking the p*ss (September)
  4. James Duddridge, MP for…Halifax? (March)
  5. Kipperwatch! UKIP thugs trash Labour street stall in Corringham (November)


WordPress apparently tracks the locations from which visitors are viewing the site. Which is nice.

Here are the top five countries from which people viewed this blog in 2014:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. United States
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Australia

In news which will surprise nobody, the UK was in first place by a huge margin.


2014 was good. Hopefully, 2015 will be better.

And a happy new year to all my readers!

Farewell 2012

2013Well, what do we make of 2012? It came, it stayed a while, and now it’s off on its way again.

I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed with it, standing at the precipice of 2013 and looking back. Part of it is, as Julian Ware-Lane said, that we have had another twelve months of fairly disasterous Conservative governance — including a double-dip recession and probably putting us on track for a triple-dip.

There was also the profound disappointment of the, ahem, “end of the world“. T.S. Eliot’s prophetic line turned out to be a bit off, as rather than a whimper it came with a cynical spasm of bad jokes.

There were good points, naturally. Most notably, after over a damned year of searching I am now gainfully employed. It’s such a relief to actually a) have something to do all day, and b) have money coming in and being able to plan ahead. I know I’m one of the lucky ones, and for that I am grateful.

I have also become a parish councillor, which sounds a whole lot more important than it is. But it gives me a say over local planning applications, and I am already resolving to take a hard line on building on the floodplain. This year has been beset with flooding, and paving over more drainage areas will only make the situation worse.

This is usually the part where I make pledges for what I’m going to do in the new year. Whilst I have some ideas of what I want to achieve, I’m not going to lay them out here. Simply, I’ll only say that I want to be happy. A noble aim, I think.

So have a good new years, my readers. And I sincerely hope that your 2013 will be even better than your 2012.