Labour and the Greens tied amongst young people? Not even close…

labour young people infographic

I created this infographic in response to a local Green candidate sharing a similar one claiming that the Greens and Labour neck and neck, with data from January. She insisted that the polls were still the same today.

Upon my demonstrating that they are, in fact, very different, she branded it “bullshit” and deleted my post. So I’m sharing it here, for the world to see. Because I’m not going to be censored or bullied into silence by a Green Party who find facts inconvenient.

If anyone wants to check the data, my source is cited in the infographic itself, and the raw data can be found here, on YouGov’s website. Enjoy.


No, a YouGov poll doesn’t show UKIP winning Rochford & Southend East

believe in southend

So, there was a bit of a stir yesterday, over a YouGov “poll”. The Southend Echo reported it under the headline:

Forecast puts Ukip on top in Thurrock and only just behind in Rochford and Southend East

Which is a fairly ground-breaking claim, liable to induce panic in the Tory and Labour ranks locally (The Lib Dems have, as I’ve said previously, already clearly given up -Ed).

Only one problem really: that headline is not actually true.

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About that bedroom tax poll…

iain duncan smith

I was very interested to see a Guido Fawkes story on Friday, claiming that 54% of the public support the “spare room subsidy” (bedroom tax to you and me).

Aside from the remarkable tenacity in trying to regain the terms of the argument, by clinging to the clunking term “spare room subsidy” (like the “community charge”, it won’t work), I was interested in the polling. Given that I’ve been playing with survey data in my day job for the last week, Guido’s reading seemed a little…simplistic.

So I decided to look into it a little. This is what I found.

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