Southend Local Election Results 2014

southend civic centre

The votes have been cast, the polling stations are closed, and the counting has begun! Time to find out who has won where!

Here is the overview of how the elections played out:


Seats before Election Seats gained Seats lost Overall final number of seats
Conservative 26 0 7 19
Liberal Democrat 9 0 4 5
Independent 9 4 1 12
Labour 6 3 0 9
Unaligned 1 0 0 1
UKIP 0 5 0 5
Green 0 0 0 0
National Front 0 0 0


Read the results ward by ward…


The Thames Valley Police Commissioner results (and what they mean)

So, it’s all over. The votes have been counted, collated, and are in the process of being picked over by those sad individuals with nothing better to do with their time (such as myself). But Anthony Stansfeld has been elected as the first Police and Crime Commissioner, so congratulations are due to him.

Below I have assembled a breakdown of the results by candidate and first/second preference. I feel mine are more accurate than the BBC’s, as for reasons best known to themselves they have decided not to include the spoilt ballot figures. Personally, I think spoilt ballots making up over 3% of the total vote is worthy of mention, but anyway:

Name 1st pref 2nd pref Mandate
STANSFELD, Anthony (CON) 76,011 — 33.60% 94,238 — 54.76% 7.28%
STARKEY, Tim (LAB) 56,631 — 25.00% 70,403 — 40.91%
HOWARD, Geoff (IND) 31,716 — 14.00%
HOWSON, John (LD) 20,511 — 9.05%
COOPER, Barry (UKIP) 19,324 — 8.53%
AWE, Patience Tayo (IND) 14,878 — 6.57%
SPOILT 7,445 — 3.29% 7,445 — 4.33%
Total 226,516 172,086

So there you have it. The turnout was a mere (and embarrassing) 13.3%, which is the lowest turnout I’ve ever seen in an election. When I say that Commissioner Stansfeld has the support of only 7.28% of people in the Thames Valley, it’s not sour grapes, but an underscoring of the real winner of these elections: voter apathy.

Thames Valley voters simply did not turn out on Thursday, and from everything I’ve heard it’s simply because they do not believe that we should have an elected Police Commissioner.

I am, of course, disappointed that Tim Starkey did not win. I wasn’t in favour of the role, but I thought he was definitely the best candidate and would have made the best job of it (well, I would say that, wouldn’t I?). It was always going to be a long shot, but still. Disappointed.

And more disappointment over the Liberal Democrat candidate only polling in fourth. Don’t get me wrong, normally hardship for Clegg’s party would be a cause for giggles (and many hearty giggles were had over their losing their deposit in Corby), but John Howson lost out to “Independent” Geoff Howard, a man who has formerly been a member of Labour, the Conservatives and UKIP, and who offered absolutely nothing to voters. I am forced to conclude that he garnered many votes simply because he ran as an independent.

I’m a touched surprised that UKIP’s Barry Cooper didn’t do better than he did. Possibly it was his views on police armament which hurt him, or maybe all of the fringe-right eurosceptics stayed at hime. It’s hard to tell really.

But none of it changes the outcome. After what has frankly been a disaster of an election (and of policy execution) Anthony Stansfeld will head the Thames Valley Police until May 2016. I still have a great many concerns about him, and I worry that he will be a model of unaccountability in the role — which is ironic, really.

Hopefully he won’t now be refusing interviews with the media and refusing to answer questions put to him, but I have my doubts. At any rate, with the support of only 7.28 of his constituents, and offering no concrete policies in his campaign to boot, I am adamant that he has no mandate at all for radical changes to policing. And you can be sure I will call him out if he attempts any.

I suspect that, regardless, he has just been made a patsy for police cuts to come and rising crime as a result. But his success would benefit all of us, and is in all our interests. So I wish him the very best of luck. I reckon he’ll need it.

Wokingham Local Election Results 2012

Bulmershe & Whitegates

Greg Bello (LAB) — 750 votes (28.4%)
Lesley Hayward (LD) — 976 votes (37.0%)
Bill Khan (UKIP) — 137 (5.2 %)
Mohammed Parvaiz (CON) — 660 votes (25.0%)
Adrian Windisch (GREEN) — 106 votes (4.0%)

Liberal Democrat HOLD


Emma Hobbs (CON) — 382 votes (43.2%)
James O’Callaghan (GREEN) — 44 votes (5.0%)
Nick Ray (Ind) — 414 votes (46.9%)
Malcolm Storry (LD) — 42 votes (4.8%)

Independent GAIN


UllaKarin Clark (CON) — 1,202 votes (55.9%)
Suresh Jeganathan (LD) — 291 votes (13.5%)
Steven McMillan (UKIP) — 330 votes (15.3%)
Paul Sharples (LAB) — 313 votes (14.6%)

Conservative HOLD


Dianne King (CON) — 967 votes (50.2%)
Steven Scarrott (LD) — 388 votes (20.1%)
Anthony Skuse (LAB) — 286 votes (14.8%)
Mike Spencer (UKIP) — 278 votes (14.4%)

Conservative HOLD

Finchampstead North

Martyn Foss (GREEN) — 124 votes (8.4%)
Mike Gore (CON) — 1,038 votes (69.9%)
Tim Jinkerson (LAB/CO-OP) — 193 votes (13.0%)
Roy Neall (LD) 121 votes (8.2%)

Conservative HOLD

Finchampstead South

Roland Cundy (LD) — 345 votes (24.1%)
Ian Pittock (CON) — 843 votes (59.0%)
Matthew Valler (GREEN) — 241 votes (16.9%)

Conservative HOLD


Guy Grandison (CON) — 688 votes (42.7%)
Peter Jackson (UKIP) — 142 votes (8.8%)
John Prior (GREEN) — 97 votes (6.0%)
Anthony Vick (LD) — 407 votes (25.2%)
Neville Waites (LAB) — 278 votes (17.2%)

Conservative HOLD


Helene Cherry (GREEN) — 241 votes (11.4%)
Pauline Jorgensen (CON) — 1,062 votes (50.5%)
David Sharp (LAB) — 317 votes (15.1%)
Keith Yabsley (LD) — 465 votes (22.1%)

Conservative HOLD


Paula Montie (GREEN) — 79 votes (10.1%)
Wayne Smith (CON)  — 562 votes (71.5%)
Paul Trott (LD) — 83 votes (10.6%)
Umesh Ummat (LAB) — 62 votes (7.9%)

Conservative HOLD


Tom Clark (LAB) — 303 votes (14.8%)
Tom McCann (LD) — 846 votes (41.4%)
Bill Soane (CON) — 751 votes (36.8%)
Julia Titus (GREEN) — 132 votes (6.5%)

Liberal Democrat HOLD

Maiden Erlegh

David Hare (LD) — 528 votes (24.9%)
Nicholas Marshall (GREEN) — 238 votes (11.2%)
Ken Miall (CON) — 966 votes (45.6%)
Jacqueline Rupert (LAB) — 373 votes (17.6%)

Conservative HOLD


John Bray (LD) — 268 votes (13.7%)
Mary Gascoyne (LAB) — 315 votes (16.1%)
Emma-Louise Hamilton (GREEN) — 120 votes (6.1%)
Keith Knight (UKIP) — 212 votes (10.8%)
Malcolm Richards (CON) — 959 votes (49.0%)
Robin Smith (IND) — 82 votes (4.2%)

Conservative HOLD

Remenham, Wargrave & Ruscombe

Martin Alder (LD) — 248 votes (18.1%)
Matthew Dent (LAB/CO-OP — 172 votes (12.6%)
John Halsall (CON) — 937 votes (68.5%)

Conservative HOLD

Shinfield South

Marjory Bisset (GREEN) — 473 votes (31.4%)
Charlotte Haitham Taylor (CON) — 893 votes (59.3%)
Imogen Shepherd-Dubey (LD) — 141 votes (9.4%)

Conservative HOLD


James Ewan (GREEN) – 118 votes (6.5 %)
Lindsay Ferris (LD) — 1,011 votes (55.3%)
Richard Fort (LAB) — 159 votes (8.7%)
Sam Hawkins (CON) — 527 votes (28.8%)

Liberal Democrat HOLD


Stella Howell (UKIP) — 135 votes (10.1%)
James Leask (LD) — 158 votes (11.9%)
Kazek Lokuciewski (GREEN) — 187 votes (14.0%)
John Woodward (LAB) — 166 votes (12.5%)
Bob Wyatt (CON) — 679 votes (51.0%)

Conservative HOLD


Mark Ashwell (CON) — 961 votes (38.2%)
John Baker (LAB) — 175 votes (7.0%)
Tony Pollock (UKIP) — 183 votes (7.3%)
Rachelle Shepherd-Dubey (LD) — 1,183 votes (47.1%)

Liberal Democrat GAIN

Wokingham Without

Thomas Blomley (GREEN) — 178 votes (9.3%)
Pauline Helliar-Symons (CON) — 1,268 votes (66.0%)
Elaine Spratling (LD) — 147 votes (7.7%)
Graham Widdows (UKIP) — 316 votes (16.5%)

Conservative HOLD

And the results are in…

So it’s finally over… Not completely, mind, I’ve still got graduation to go.  But I’ve passed. Three years of study, reading and hard work, and now I emerge with an LLB (Hons), Upper Second (2:1) from the University of Sussex.

Congratulations to everyone else from the class of 2011. By all accounts it’s been a fantastic year for Sussex Law School, with 20 First Class grades, and I-don’t-know-how-many Upper Seconds. You’ve all doone brilliantly, and I wish you all the best in the future.

For my own part, I really couldn’t be happier. To see my hard work reach successful fruition really is a source of pride for me. But it would be ungracious and dishonest to claim this as a triumph purely my own. Many hands have contributed to this success, and I would be amiss not to thank them here:

To my lecturers and tutors at Sussex Law School, particularly this year, a lion’s share of the praise should be given: Craig Lind (Law and Politics of Britain and North America, Family Law), Charlotte Skeet (Law and Politics of Britain and North America), Heather Keeting (Family Law), Joe Brigeman (Family Law),  Jim McGregor (Law of Evidence), Richard Vogler (Dissertation supervisor), Elizabeth Craig (Dissertation supervisor), Mary Lee (first year Law of Contract, Chair of the Staff-Student Liason Committee), Kenny Vietch (academic advisor) and Craid Barker (Head of Sussex Law School).

And I would be amiss if I didn’t mention Doreen, Lynn and Jane who kept the whole gig moving smoothly along, with their tireless admin work behind the scenes.

And finally, thank you to all my friends, fellow students and familly for their support. Particukarl to Mum, Dad, and my beautiful, wonderful and ever-supportive Ashleigh.

Here’s to the future! Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning!