Robert and sarah across the multiverse

“Robert and Sarah, Across the Universe” published in Perihelion SF

perihelion june 13I blogged about it last month, and now the moment is finally hear. Yes, today is the day on which the June issue of Perihelion SF online magazine is published. And as I blogged, it includes one of my stories for your reading pleasure; “Robert and Sarah, Across the Universe”.

I used to be a little sceptical of webzines, but I have to say that they’re increasingly growing on me. When proper effort is put in, to make it look professional, they can really compete with the printed equivalents.

And as you can see here, Perihelion have put in a lot of effort. From the beautifully made cover to the content, this is somewhere that I am proud to have my fiction published — and I’ve been eagerly looking forward to seeing the finished thing.

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“Robert and Sarah, Across the Multiverse” to be published in Perihelion SF


Yes, more good news! Perihelion SF will be publishing my short story, “Robert and Sarah, Across the Universe” in their June issue.

Perihelion is a science-fiction online magazine, specialising in the harder side of the genre, and publishing fiction, reviews and even comic strips. It’s fairly new to the scene, but is very impressive and growing fast.

It’s also free to read, so no excuses!

For my part, “Robert and Sarah…” was a piece I wrote a little while back, as something of an experiment with form and idea. In the end, after a fair amount of editing, rewriting and general writing legwork, I’m quite proud of the result — and am very pleased that it will be appearing in Perihelion.

Perihelion SF is published on the 12th of each month (with May off), so I’ll be posting next month to let you all know where to find it, and possibly give a bit more background to the story itself.

Also, for those of you paying attention, following last month’s appearance in Aphelion Webzine, I have now been published in both Aphelion and Perihelion. Just a bit of geek humour.