roger weaver

Kipperwatch! Former Tory mayor of Southend goes Kipper


Last night on Twitter, journalists at the Southend Echo were promising the scoop of a former Tory councillor defecting to UKIP. And this morning, they have delivered: Roger Weaver, former mayor, one time councillor for Eastwood Park, and 2011 Tory candidate for Westborough, has joined the Kippers and will stand next May for them in St Luke’s ward.

Now, defectors are good, headline-grabbing news for UKIP (Doubly so if it distracts from the local chaos of the Southend UKIP civil war -Ed). But to draw parallels with the defectors on the national political scene, there are the defectors UKIP bigwigs might have chosen for their party (Carswell), and the defectors that they might well not have (Reckless).

Roger, I would humbly suggest, falls into the latter camp.

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