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The Europa Report – A Review

The Europa Report

Ah, The Europa Report. My regular readers will know that I included this film on my list of “5 films which showcase the best of found footage horror at the start of the year. Which sort of steals the thunder of my review, declaring my opinion in advance, doesn’t it?

Not that it really matters. To turn my usual mantra on its head, why say something in one paragraph when I can bore you for a whole post about it?

On a serious note, my opinion is unchanged (it’s a very good film), so that won’t be the point of this review. Rather, I will attempt to go into why I hold that opinion (that it’s a very good film). With me so far? Great.

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Elysium – A Review


I somehow missed Elysium during its run at the cinema, and as DVD viewing it has languished a while in the wake of a generally negative response from…well, most people.

But I’ve finally gotten around to watching Neil Blomkamp’s follow up — but not sequel — to District 9. Now, I loved District 9. It opened in the cinemas opposite James Cameron’s CGI-heavy borefest Avatar, and generally got pretty short shrift at the time. And yet whereas Avatar was one of the most patronising films I’ve ever seen, District 9 was powerful, moving and deeply, deeply relevant. It was essentially a demonstration what science-fiction should be doing on film.

It was a tough act to follow, even more for a breakout director like Blomkamp, which might go some way towards explaining the disappointment Elysium was met with.

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