The top 10 maddest moments in Southend local politics 2015 (Part 2)

southend pier

You’ve come this far. Maybe you’re willing to come a little further...

Yes, the end of 2015 is truly upon us, and so as promised, I must offer the second part of my rundown of my 10 maddest moments in Southend politics.

Honestly, distilling it down to 10 was hard work. Deciding what got the top spot was harder still. It’s been a fun year, but looking back over it is more a cavalcade of the weird and wonderful. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, here is the first part, running through numbers 10 to 6.

Here is my top five, of the maddest moments in Southend local politics in 2015.

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Southend local politics, summed up in one gloriously mad image

cllr aylen and sooty(Image courtesy of Ashleigh Condon)

There was a lot that went on at last night’s full council meeting in Southend, and much that I will come onto later on. But if I had to sum up the whole of Southend local politics, then it would be the above image. The moment when Cllr Stephen Aylen (IND – Belfairs) whipped out a Sooty hand puppet in the middle of full council to ask a question.

Sadly, the town clerk ruled that as Sooty was not an elected member of the council, he could not ask a question. Just another day in Southend