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More rubbish about rubbish from Southend Conservatives

mark flewitt burning money

So despite my call a few weeks ago, the Southend Conservative group haven’t sacked Cllr Mark Flewitt. Which is a shame, but perhaps I shouldn’t be looking for moral backbone from this group of Tories.

So Cllr Flewitt is still about, still a senior figure on their frontbench, and still — naturally — trying to pass off utter gibberish as a meaningful political contribution.

His latest blog, mercifully, is short. And appears to be written in something rather closer to English than some of his other offerings. Unfortunately, that only makes it easier to notice that one of the central points he makes is, err, demonstrably false.


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A “miserable budget” indeed, but better than the alternative

southend civic centre

On Thursday night I’m afraid I bored my soon-to-be wife for most of the night with the Southend Borough Council budget debate (You charmer! -Ed).

I haven’t been exactly silent on it, focusing previously on the problems with the amendments proposed by the Conservative group, and the bizarre behaviour of some of the UKIP group — one choosing to go on holiday rather than attend, and one leaving early and missing the vote.

What I’m going to give here is a brief overview of some of the highlights. The best bits, as it were. And, of course, the bad.

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UKIP Southend candidate goes home early, misses council budget vote

Meet Floyd Waterworth 2

Apparently taking his cue from fellow UKIP councillor (Well, maybe — it’s all gone a bit People’s Front of Judea with Southend UKIP -Ed) Lawrence Davies, Floyd Waterworth disappeared at last night’s vote on the Southend Borough Council budget for 2015/16.

He was definitely there early on, sitting with an extremely glum look on his face whilst his group leader (Well, probably not -Ed) made a speech.

I guess staying and representing the people of Blenheim Park ward was too much to ask, for the man who wants to be the next MP for Rochford & Southend East…


Why wasn’t Kursaal’s UKIP councillor at the budget meeting?

cllr davies on holiday

Anyone tuning into the Southend Borough Council budget meeting might notice the absence of Cllr Lawrence Davies, the UKIP councillor representing Kursaal. If any voters in Kursaal ward are wondering why their councillor isn’t at one of the two most important council meetings of the year

…my little birds report that Cllr Davies is on a weeks-long holiday in South America. With several thousand pounds a year of allowances out of your taxes.

Money well spent?