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Southend Labour local election candidates 2018

Belfairs – Taylor Barrall

Blenheim Park – Laurie Burton

Chalkwell – Sean Jones

Eastwood Park – Ros Sanders

Kursaal – Matt Dent

Leigh – Michelle Williams

Milton – Cllr Cheryl Nevin

Prittlewell – Jennifer Beck

Shoeburyness – Greg Keane

Southchurch – Martin Berry

St Laurence – Janet Phillips

St Luke’s – Ian Pope

Thorpe – Jack Reason

Victoria – Cllr Margaret Borton

Westborough – Cllr Kevin Robinson

West Leigh – Hillary Scarnell

West Shoebury – Tom Murray

Southend-on-Sea local election results 2015

southend civic centre

Party Votes Percentage Seats before Seats after Change
CON 34,725 39.0% 19 22 3
LAB 16,963 19.1% 9 9 0
IND 12,560 14.1% 13 11 -2
UKIP 9,023 10.1% 5 5 0
LD 8,796 9.9% 5 4 -1
GRN 6,181 6.9% 0 0 0
Turnout 88,953 62.17%


Meet Southend Labour’s local election candidates 2015

vote labour southend small

The times are changing, we are told. The “new politics” means that the smaller parties are a serious force, rather than just a protest vote or an unfunny joke. Their branches in Southend, though, haven’t seemed to have gotten the message. For the local elections, only three parties are fielding a full slate of 19 candidates: The Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, and Labour.

This is the second Labour slate of which I have been a part, and I am once again struck that we have the very finest people in the borough. Southend Labour Party are committed to offering a fairer, progressive choice, grounded in reality, to make this town the very best it can be.

With Labour as part of the council administration for the first time after fourteen years of Tory rule, we are getting things moving in the right direction. New housing stock is being built. Vital services like libraries, children’s centres, and care homes have been protected. And with schemes like the Southend Energy Company we are taking action to help people struggling with the cost of living crisis.

There is only one choice, on May 7th, for a better Southend. Vote Labour.

Meet the Candidates…

Southend-on-Sea local election candidates 2015

southend civic centre

Nominations for the local elections in Southend-on-Sea closed at 4.00 p.m. yesterday. A third of the council seats are up for re-election in addition to two by-elections. This means that there are 19 seats up for election in total. The election will take place on May 7th, and the deadline for registering to vote is 20th April.

Below is the breakdown of the numbers of candidates standing by party, and the full list of nominated candidates.

Party Seats for re-election Seats contested Overall Seats
Conservatives 11 19 19
Independent 3 15 13
Labour 3 19 9
UKIP 1 8 5
Liberal Democrat 1 19 5
Green Party 0 18 0

(A note on Independents: some independents are more independent than others. Not all of the independents on the ballot paper are part of the official Independent Party Group. Some are genuine independents, such as Lucy Courtenay in Chalkwell, and some seem to be Independent UKIP, such as Alex Moyies in West Shoebury. I will be looking into and trying to clarify this.)

Meet the Candidates…

Tory Mark Flewitt’s scaremongering is a disgrace to Southend politics

mark flewitt

Regular readers will have seen before my disagreements with Southend Tory councillor Mark Flewitt. They will know that I don’t rate him as a councillor, and have called him to task before for poor politicking, for ham-fisted attacks, and for general poor conduct.

This, today, is not that. This is something of another order, a different league.

A letter has come into my possession, written by Councillor Flewitt, to residents of sheltered accommodation in his ward of St Laurence. This letter makes claims that the council will not be undertaking any maintenance or repairs on their property, whilst a review of sheltered accommodation is undertaken.

Which would be a big concern for residents. Except it isn’t true.


Reg Copley for St Laurence

julian ware-lane and reg copley

Congratulations to Reg Copley, who has been selected to fight St Laurence ward in the Southend Borough local elections 2015.

Reg, as anyone who is involved in Southend politics will know, is a stalwart of the local community. He is a former Mayor of the town, and he tells me that this will be the twentieth election he has fought. Nobody who has spoken to him can doubt his passion and commitment to Southend.

St Laurence was one of UKIP’s gains last year. It is clearly crying out for a workable alternative to the tired Tory representation which has failed across Southend. Reg, with his wealth of experience, is that alternative.

Nonsense and nothing to say, from Mark Flewitt


I feel like I owe Cllr Garston an apology for the slating I gave his leaflet last week. It’s not that what I said was untrue — it wasn’t; the leaflet was pretty terrible — but that a week later he has been outdone by one of his party colleagues.

Yes, Cllr Mark Flewitt has put out a new leaflet, and like his blog it lurches from subject to subject without making a great deal of sense along the way.

Was he drunk? Has he gone mad? Is he a UKIP plant? Has he, perhaps, been hacked and this is a heinous act of sabotage? Or does he perhaps actually believe that this is actually a good example of a local politician’s leaflet?

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Running scared — Southend Tories know they aren’t going to win

cllr adam jones

UPDATE: Mark Flewitt has deleted the blog post in question. One could infer from that that Cllr Jones has reconsidered his retirement. Or it could be another instalment of the saga of Cllr Flewitt. Who can say?

That the Conservative Party in Southend is in decline is hardly a secret. In fact, decline is a bit of an understatement; in a few short years they have gone from the unassailably dominant party of local government to an opposition in complete disarray. It hasn’t stopped a few “leading figures” embarrassing themselves blatantly jockeying for position to take the leadership, but it’s not really fooling anyone.

Nor is it fooling their own councillors, apparently; leading the exodus, St Laurence councillor Adam Jones has announced that he won’t be standing for re-election next May.

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Mark Flewitt, lapdog to attack dog?

mark flewitt and jonathan hodge

If nothing else, you have to admire the tenacity of St Laurence’s councillor Mark Flewitt. Since the elections — where he stewarded a campaign which saw the supremely smug Tory candidate Jonathan Hodge spectacularly lose to UKIP — he has filled his time by posting sarcastic blogs about the new joint administration.

Nothing particularly surprising or out of order there, though his picking around the edges contrasts poorly with the more cerebral analyses of other Tory bloggers, such as Nigel Holdcroft, Tony Cox and even Mark’s fellow councillor James Courtenay. I can’t, however, claim that all of my blogs are about deeply substantive issues.

But Mark’s latest hobby horse has a problem; it doesn’t strictly speaking seem to be, er, true.

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