stephen sommers

Odd Thomas – A Review


I read Dean Koontz’s novel “Odd Thomas” years ago, though I never did get past the first of its sequels. As a book, I remember it being quirky, funny, fast-paced and a very enjoyable read.

I’m not sure, though, that I would have pegged it as being ideal for film adaptation.

But Stephen Sommers disagrees with me, apparently, and has made one. And what do I know, next to the writer and director of the two Mummy films worth bothering with?

I’m not sure if Odd Thomas ever actually had a cinema release. I know it saw the light of day at several film festivals, but I certainly never saw a showing listed at my local. Wikipedia claims it suffered some sort of money-related dispute, whereas Amazon has the DVD release slated for February 2014. So…yeah.